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UnCategorized Laser dentistry, the technology of the future is available today. Do you cringe at the sound of the dentist drill? Do you squeeze into the edge of the dentist chair, to the point of almost jumping out of the chair? Laser dentistry is a wonderful solution to make dental care easier and a more pleasant experience. What was once deemed to be science fiction is now a full blown evidenced based practice. No more loud drill sound. The laser is almost silent, more precise and much more effective than traditional dental tools. Laser dentistry is pushing the limits of standard care to even greater heights. A laser works as a concentrated particle of light. The application of light diodes makes it possible to take care of problems areas without touching the tender areas surrounding each tooth. The laser has many uses to the Charlotte cosmetic dentist: * It can pulse away all that plaque-like material surrounding the teeth through a specially activated gel applied by your cosmetic dentist before the procedure, giving patients that painless experience. * A laser can repair a nerve in the tooth root and possibly avoid a root canal. * Laser dentistry can remove overriding gum tissue for patients undergoing orthodontic correction. * Procedures can be done, now without the need for stitches. * Bacteria is kept to a minimum as the laser focuses high doses of concentrated energy around the site, effectively sterilizing the area. The laser can clean the gum, roots of the teeth, and pockets around the teeth to kill bacteria and decrease the risk of bone and tooth loss. Lasers used in dentistry can also seal the tubules that irritate the root of your tooth, allowing you to eat ice cream without the sensitivity some people experience. These amazing lasers can also detect small cavities that may pose a future problem, and get rid of the decay surrounding a tooth with ease. Through the use of laser dentistry, cosmetic and corrective procedures can be performed on gum tissue with greater precision and less pain for the patient. Is laser dentistry right for me? As long as you are in good dental health with no apparent need for deeper dental evaluation or intervention, anyone can undergo laser dentistry. Even children can benefit from laser dentistry. A knock-out smile may prove to be an asset to anyone, and what better to showcase those pearly whites than to have state of the art technology do the job done by your Charlotte cosmetic dentist. Laser dentistry – for the best care from your Charlotte cosmetic dentist Learn more about laser dentistry from your local cosmetic dentist. You deserve the very best dental treatment from a reliable, trustworthy Charlotte cosmetic dentist. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: