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Less open to prevent fraud by means Detroit back: XX raised! – Sports Sohu Neymar no accident will be acquitted Neymar recently in court makes the media for their attention, his father said in an interview, the team had opened a 190 million euros offer, but was refused by Neymar. The speculation is that the wealthy may have been trying to get Neymar Real Madrid by paying their default payments. But Neymar’s father gave the answer himself, and Manchester United had offered 190 million euros last summer. Old Neymar said: "last summer, Manchester United offer 190 million euros, want to get Neymar.". There were a lot of teams who showed Barcelona and us the desire to sign Neymar, but only Manchester United made a digital offer. Don’t worry Neymar and Barcelona contract, he wants to stay here, continue to enjoy the feeling of playing at the Nou camp." Earlier, Neymar said his son would continue to suffer judicial persecution in Spain and would probably leave Barcelona. But the Brazil federal court before the date of the contract fraud around Neymar and Barcelona announced the results of the prosecution’s case was dismissed, no accident, Neymar will be acquitted, the judge accepted the view, asked prosecutors to drop the charges. Such a result will undoubtedly make Neymar and his son and Barcelona club very happy. , who owns 4 of Neymar’s ownership and the Santos club, was very disappointed. Santos and DIS believe that the existence of fraud in the process of Neymar and his son and the Barcelona negotiations, by making the transfer fee way for their own benefit, and Neymar’s former club and DIS are lost into small, originally in the hope that the court can give penalty justice, finally get a part of economic compensation but the judge asked prosecutors to drop the charges, but Neymar was innocent, DIS was very dissatisfied, bluntly that he was robbed, and the Santos club at Neymar and his son are liars. Outside the contract fraud lawsuit can end, Neymar can focus on training and competition. Yesterday in the king’s cup, Neymar Barragan was the defending was left in the break, Brazil striker also missed a 1 penalty, Neymar will own depressed mood spread in Valencia "mask man", game directly call each other "son of a bitch". But Neymar, who celebrated his birthday in February 5th, will be in a good mood today, and his own wax painting with Madame Tussaud’s will be on display today. Neymar chose his celebration at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, saying that it was an important moment in his career, and that the production of wax figures was basically finished and now only the final announcement was made. (Bourbon)

内少公开受指诈骗 遭严防对后卫爆粗:XX养的! -搜狐体育 内马尔不出意外将被判无罪   内马尔最近参与法庭庭审使得媒体对自己高度关注,其父亲在接受采访时表示,曾经有球队开出1.9亿欧元报价,但遭到内马尔拒绝。坊间猜测这家豪门可能是一直想通过支付违约金得到内马尔的皇马。不过内马尔的父亲则自己公布了答案,曼联在去年夏天曾经报价1.9亿欧元。   老内马尔表示:“去年夏天是曼联报价1.9亿欧元,想要得到内马尔。的确有很多球队向巴萨和我们表达了想要签下内马尔的意愿,但只有曼联开出了带有数字的报价。而内马尔不着急和巴萨续约,他想要留在这里,继续享受在诺坎普踢球的感觉。”   此前内马尔父亲表示自己的儿子在西班牙不断遭受司法迫害,为此可能将离开巴塞罗那。但是巴西联邦法院日前对围绕内马尔和巴塞罗那合同欺诈案公布了结果,检方的指控被驳回,不出意外内马尔将被判无罪,主审法官接受了辩方的观点,要求检方撤销指控。   这样的结果无疑让内马尔父子和巴塞罗那俱乐部非常开心。而拥有内马尔4成所有权的DIS公司以及桑托斯俱乐部对此非常失望。桑托斯和DIS公司都认为内马尔父子在和巴塞罗那谈判的过程中存在欺诈行为,通过虚报转会费的方式让自己获益,而内马尔的前东家和DIS公司都损失了不小的分成,原本寄希望于法院能够给予公正的判罚,最终得到一部分经济赔偿,但法官要求检方撤销指控,内马尔反而无罪,DIS公司对此非常不满,直言自己遭到了抢劫,而桑托斯俱乐部则怒骂内马尔父子都是骗子。   场外的合同欺诈官司可以告一段落,内马尔可以将注意力都放在训练和比赛中。在昨日的国王杯比赛里,内马尔在左路的突破遭到了巴拉甘的严防死守,巴西前锋还罚丢了1粒点球,内马尔将自己郁闷的心情撒在了瓦伦西亚“面具侠”身上,比赛中直接称对方是“婊子生的”。   不过在2月5日过生日的内马尔在今天心情会相当好,自己配合杜莎夫人蜡像馆制作的蜡像将会在今天展出。内马尔选择了自己在2014年巴西世界杯上的庆祝动作,直言这是自己职业生涯具有重要意义的一刻,而蜡像的制作工作基本完成,现在只差最后的揭晓活动了。   (波本)相关的主题文章: