Li Hongzhong Tianjin is the east gate of Beijing to be protected – to defend the security of the cap chompoo araya

Li Hongzhong: Tianjin is the east gate of Beijing to be to defend the security of the capital Beijing – the original title: Li Hongzhong Municipal Committee investigation stressed: put politics in the first place to escort the development of newspaper news (reporter Wei?) party secretary Li Hongzhong stressed at the Municipal Committee investigation yesterday morning, and the government is. The government and the ruling political, political regime, political justice, guarantee card "". To study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech series especially important speech on the political and legal work, conscientiously implement the National Social Security Comprehensive Management Innovation Conference and Comrade Meng Jianzhu deployment requirements, accurate understanding of the profound connotation of political and legal affairs, to fully understand the functions of the political and legal work, adhere to politics, politics, politics led to the first. As the largest political party loyalty, to ensure that the "arms" firmly in the hands of the party and the people, promote the comprehensive law, adhere to the new new, effectively undertake to ensure the important functions of the Communist Party in power for a long time, China Chinese to defend the socialist system, to defend the people’s power, effectively assume the responsibility to maintain social fairness and justice and strive to create a good social security environment, the escort for the economic and social development in Tianjin. In the municipal politics and Law Committee, Li Hongzhong visit condolences to the staff on duty, ask the stability work situation. Li Hongzhong asked the staff to contact the relevant district, check the implementation of maintenance of stability and the main responsibility for disposal to deal with the situation. Li Hongzhong stressed that the Municipal Committee should bear the first responsibility of supervision duties, stability maintenance responsibility and compaction district Party committee secretary of the responsibility, establish the perfect working mechanism, play mechanism, a transmission level, promote stability work responsibility in closed loop chain. Li Hongzhong also walked into the organs of the video conference center to understand the comprehensive control of social security and strengthen public security information sharing data. Subsequently, Li Hongzhong chaired a forum to listen to the city’s political and legal work report. Li Hongzhong affirmed the achievements made by the city’s political front. He pointed out that the government, in the four corners of the world, is the leadership of the party. Municipal Committee and municipal Party committee leadership is the work of political and legal institutions, to strengthen and improve the leadership, better play the core role of the overall situation and coordinating all parties. The public security department to the Department of political science and law under the absolute leadership of the party itself, to carry out business with the firm confidence in the system, implement the guidelines and policies of the party, consciously do politics and people". To fully understand the politics and politics, politics is politics, politics, politics of the ruling regime, justice is guaranteed, "card", with absolute loyalty to perform their duties, to consolidate the party’s ruling position for long-term, stable development of Tianjin reform escort. Li Hongzhong stressed the need to fully understand the task of political and legal work in the new era is arduous, the challenge is more severe and complicated. We are engaged in a great struggle with many new historical features. To stand in improving the party’s ability to promote national governance systems and governance capacity modernization level, effectively enhance the sense and awareness of crisis and sense of mission, innovation of political and legal work ideas and methods, since the pressure, improve work consciousness.相关的主题文章: