Longyan girl’s hand was cut off the tea machine 7 hours miracle Resurrection msvbvm60.dll

Longyan girls hand was tea machine cut off 7 hours after the resurrection miracle surgery treatment for half a month, Longyan Changting County Ya Ya (a pseudonym) of the right palm, finally connected, and miraculously "resurrection". In the beginning of this month, a eight month old Yaya, accidentally and cut off his right hand into his machine. After the incident, the parents will send their Yaya emergency medicine, after 7 hours of surgery, palm was successfully connected, and "resurrection". Accident! The palm of the hand was cut off, but also the original high temperature scald, Ya Ya Father Mr. Lin opened a tea shop in Longyan County of Changting. 2 September 3rd afternoon, Mr. Lin just babbling daughter, scream, frightened people in the shop. Lin may not even think, usually placed on the shop counter tea sealing machine, even his daughter’s hand cut in half. According to Mr. Lin said he did not pay attention to, daughter suddenly hand into her tea in the machine sealing machine, also like to open up the doings of ghosts and gods, the little girl’s right hand had been cut off. So Mr. Lin came back and her little hand is bloody, but also kept crying. Mr Lin is more worried that the palm is cut, but also stay in the machine. See all this, Mr. Lin, he is very clear, be frightened and change color, the machine, the internal temperature of 170 DEG C. The machine is closed, the other half of the palm how to take out? In order to find the other half, Mr. Lin could not care a lot, hand broken, beat…… Using a variety of methods, remove the palm. However, palm or in the machine in high temperature, stay 5 minutes. Then, Mr. Lin hurriedly made severed palm and daughter rushed to a local hospital. After a simple treatment at the local hospital, the little girl was sent to Longyan First Hospital for treatment. Gratified! 7 hours of surgery, back to the palm yesterday, deputy director of the Longyan First Hospital hand surgery, Lan Weibin said, the little girl sent to the hospital, look nervous, still kept crying. The little girl parents, but also anxious. Immediately, the doctor for the little girl to do the relevant checks, while cleaning the wound, remove dirt, wash the wound, while the development of the work plan. Lan Weibin said that the face off vessels only 0.2mm girl is very difficult to take, the size of the silky hair breaking away from the anastomosis together, and small vascular anastomosis even more difficult. The operation was very difficult, but after the doctor’s efforts, the little girl is very lucky, the palm of the hand with more than 10 small blood vessels, 8 nerves and tendons, the whole operation lasted for 7 hours, and success. The operation was a success, but the doctor kept a close watch on the little girl’s fingers. Because of the girl’s hand broken off with high temperature burns, blood vessels and nerve tendon burns, caused by necrosis and other infections may occur at any time. Lan Weibin said that over the past half a month, after observation, the little girl from the hands of broken blood is good. The little girl replantation is successful, will also carry out follow-up treatment, functional reconstruction and recovery still need time. Doctor alert 1. After the occurrence of similar accidents should pay attention to, out of the dangerous environment, bandage hemostasis. 2. Find the map as soon as possible相关的主题文章: