Lottery trend the Derby can see Juventus Dortmund home court or cold flat

Lottery trend: the Derby can see Juventus Dortmund home court or cold flat 16165 period full prize by the Premier League, Bundesliga and Serie A, handicap distribution is more average, the normal index above the ball deep plate, the lower the probability of big upset, moderately can prevent flat. The hemisphere of the disk, the smaller strength of the gap between the warring parties, the more likely to score, it is recommended to do more check. Focus sessions: Dortmund Derby high, Juventus home court Bo Ping focus sessions: dott Derby high, Juventus Bo Ping Germany Ruhr derby will be home court in Beijing Sunday morning competition, by the Hornets Dortmund home court against the league in the upper reaches of the team Schalke 04, for both teams, the outcome of this extraordinary significance directly related to the long-term development of resources for local fans and the club, so both sides have a strong fighting spirit, by the injection distribution is different from the general league. Back to the fundamentals, the Schalke 04 nearly 6 games scored 5 wins and 1 draws, steady state, and the multiple is two consecutive draws injection by a lack of confidence, so the fundamentals in Asia plate by injection, choose the drop plate let a ball high water, combined with the previous years. The disk shows that the handicap is obviously lighter, intended to artificially the confidence, is not conducive to the footwall hit, promising Dortmund win, can strong dialogue 3 Serie A Juventus and Naples Bo also attracted much attention, the current Naples is the only team in the league and disc can BANBA the smallest gap between Juventus in recent seasons, has been in the league have good performance, the ranking is located in the upper reaches of interval, with a certain confidence index. Juventus home team has won the league title for several consecutive seasons, and the main advantage of the home court data is obvious, the first letter of the game. The odds, the odds of 1.83-3.5-4.4 combination of William Hill early, winning both ends have a certain degree of dosage, flat compensate position is moderate, reached the maximum shunt draw, the inducement was established, one can win the big draw, check 31. Other number: Manchester City a triumph, after Lecce city hit a wave of unspeakable victory to start the season winning streak, the recent record began to decline, the competition condition, especially the last Champions League matches, 4 goals to defeat Barcelona coach Guardiola was on the high pressure, in the teeth of the storm, seeing the League top spot in jeopardy. I believe they will make efforts, to reverse the unfavorable situation, in addition, also be a great handicap to support, under the premise of Manchester City flat, now remain in the ball half water surface resistance potential is obvious, can hold the right way. Lecce city this season were beaten back again in the season, God kill wins, strong kill the Buddha Buddha disc to strength sharply, the League mediocre, the main focus of the present are concentrated in the Champions League, their depth and difficult to rely on a strong lineup system comparable to Tottenham. Energy to maintain double battle, to win on the road in Tottenham are not optimistic about their game, single moderately can prevent flat.相关的主题文章: