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Automobiles It was a period when global giants just started to spring out of their stems in India and the roads witnessed a new era of automobiles blooming out of fresh concepts. The time was right for an Indian automobile major to roll out this splendid SUV which went on to give a new form to its segment in the country. The car would rule the length and breadth of the nation for the next decade and would be.e the highest selling product in Mahindras portfolio. Mahindra Scorpio is the SUV which not only carved a new beginning for its manufacturer but also showed that large muscular cars can be .fortable on the inside and can be built at low cost. Price of Mahindra Scorpio let customers from upper-middle class to have bigger aspirations. Eleven years since its first launch and even today the fan base for Mahindra Scorpio has not diminished. The .pany has upgraded the model with newer technological equipment and has managed to keep the successful run going. Micro Hybrid is a recent innovation that took place at Mahindras backyard and this equipment has been fit with the mHawk engine of the Scorpio. This technology is similar to ECO Start Stop function which is available in high-end Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Through this function the engine turns off when the vehicle is in idling for certain period of time. The technology turns on the engine when the driver presses clutch pedal. This function saves fuel consumed by the engine and hence reduces pollution. The brand has also included cruise control function, automatic transmission and rain and light sensing device which to give an up market feel to this iconic SUV. Mahindra has loaded the interior with new equipment and has improved the quality of materials to keep the product contemporary. When one of the doors is not shut the Scorpio does not alarm but speaks out to warn you. Tyre tronics is another .plex technological tool which can sense the level of pressure in different wheels. This can warn the driver if the wheels fall short of air or if they are punctured. Bluetooth connectivity with the audio system and control buttons positioned over steering wheel keeps your mobile phone connected to you while you are busy driving. To improve the visibility of roads during night driving there are Blue Vision headlamps which also give the vehicle an unmatchable look. On the safety end the Scorpio has airbags, ABS, collapsible steering and Crash Protection Zone built into its structure. The power produced from mHawk engine is just enough for drives of different genre which include, highway drives, terrain drive and city drive. The fact that this vehicle is available in both 7-seater and 8-seater options leaves an additional choose to customers. In the 8-seater Scorpio, the third row seats face front and the second row seats can slide forward or backward to optimize legroom. Mahindra has also included a truck variant in the portfolio of this SUV. The Scorpio Getaway with its 2.6L engine and large good space can turn out to be a perfect partner for business men. Mahindra Scorpio falling in a price range above the premium hatchbacks is a strong contender in the automobile market. The prices range from Rs. 7.54 lakhs to Rs. 11.74 lakhs for various variants of this vehicle. Mahindra Scorpio price in Mumbai .es up to Rs. 11,74,497 for the 4WD BS IV variant. There are about three authorized dealers of Mahindra placed in different locations of the city. If a person wishes to head north and buy the automobile in Thane then he/she can save some amount since Scorpio on-road price in Thane is Rs. 8,61,860. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: