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Vacation-Rentals An experience worth having and memories worth collecting is embarking on a trip to Egypt. There are impossibly endless sites and activities waiting for the explorers. The place offers a complete package in itself including the sandy locales of Pyramids, coral Red Sea and a plethora of pleasant adventures. However before one throws himself on a trip, make a suitable plan and prepare himself for the place. Here are some quick tips on preparing you for a suitable plan in Egypt. The Culture: Egypt is a popular Muslim country accounting as high as 80% of total population and thus one can expect little conservative environment. Unlike other Muslim nations, the population here is open to drinking and smoking as well. An Egypt Travel Plans for safety journey is incomplete if one does not knows the people and their mindset before reaching them. While one starts exploring, its best to hire a taxi which one can request from the help desk of their accommodation hotel. In case one is planning to do everything by himself, it will be great to notify the staff about the same and also inform them about their expected return timings. Also remember that everything, almost everything is negotiable in Egypt, including the taxi fares! Egypt Travel Plans for safety journey says do not blindly trust the guides and maps as they might help one but chances of missing are also high. Being a foreigner one might have to deal with lots of staring eyes, as it is a norm in almost every country. Being a Muslim nation, in Egypt public display of affection is very limited and one will rarely find someone cuddling or kissing. In fact, holding hands is more than enough. Women usually befriend women and men with men. Wearing revealing clothes is also frowned upon and its best if one keep themselves decently covered. Be careful with occasional rip offs and the people one are trusting. Figure out who is genuine and initiate the conversation with those who seem to be helpful, is common local of the area and can help one visit new places. Before one buy anything, check prices and try not to blindly trust the shopkeepers or mall owners. They might try to dupe one by misleading or saying they wanted dollar or Euros rather than LE. Use metro for convenience and but it is also true that one will rarely find any other foreigners in the metro. But since they are one of the most efficient means to transport to visit other places, it will be easier. If one is walking in streets or roads, watch the steps. Most of the roads in Egypt are not well maintained and one might end up hurting or breaking their ankle. Wear shoes, sandals and sneakers that are comfortable and easy to carry. Since the areas are mostly sandy or dirty, its better to cover up the feet and avoid heels anyways. One might need to walk or the area one is going to visit is made up of rocks and sands so it is not feasible in such cases. Article Resource: About the Author: 相关的主题文章: