Man forged a Xiamen real estate license Zhangzhou cheated 400 thousand

Man forged a Xiamen real estate license Zhangzhou 400 thousand people cheated company turnover difficult to buy a fake real estate license from a Zhangzhou man cheated 400 thousand cash. When the maturity is not up to the loan, and promises a high interest rate of 200 thousand, the result is still not up to date. Finally, because the real estate license number and the actual property is not consistent, found documents are false, the criminal conspiracy has been unmasked. Yesterday, Xiangcheng Procuratorate approved the arrest of suspected fraud suspect zhang. In 2015, Zhang was born in 1966 in Anhui, operating a construction services company in Xiamen, due to cash flow difficulties, they think of loan to others and maintain their own name and no real estate, Zhang will be thought of using fake real estate license to cheat borrow money to flow. Zhang Road in Xiamen Xinglin District side through a "permit" the counterfeiters forged a number: Xiamen land certificate No. 01126825 "in Xiamen District of Jimei Pearl Garden Building 1 Room 601 real estate license. After that, Zhang knew Wu by a friend, at that time, Zhang said to them in Xiamen Jimei District Mingzhu Garden 1 601 rooms have their own property, and took out the forged house property certificate to them to see, said the house is its own, worth 700 thousand yuan. In fact, the room is rented to other people to prepare for office space. The parties cheat trust after the evening of April 8, 2015, Zhang took the fake real estate license to Xiangcheng District Wu Rong Yu’s home, put a fake real estate license to Wu as collateral, and to Wu wrote 400 thousand yuan IOU and promised in July 30, 2015 to pay off the loan. Wu in the field of view of the property, in from April 10 to 15, 2015, three times will be 400 thousand yuan remitted to Zhang construction bank account. Thought of 400 thousand yuan investment, the business can pick up, then back to a fake real estate license. But Zhang’s business finally failed, and the money couldn’t be returned. After the repayment deadline, Wu continued to recover the loan, but Zhang always with various excuses and reasons to delay repayment. Later, Zhang and Xu to high interest 200 thousand yuan, with 600 thousand yuan to December 30th of that year commitment to pay off, but ultimately could not afford. Later, Wu found counterfeit suspect Zhang provided the real estate license, then a detailed study, found that real estate license number and the actual property is not consistent, they suspect that Zhang false deceived borrowed his 400 thousand cash. In September 6th this year, Wu Xiangcheng to Interpol brigade report, accused Zhang forged a real estate license to cheat borrow 400 thousand yuan. That night, police received a phone call after Zhang, initiative appearing in court, the property permits forged borrowing confessed.

男子伪造一本厦门房产证 骗走漳州人40万   公司周转困难,购买了一本假的房产证从一个漳州人手里骗走了40万现金。到期还不上借款,又许诺20万的高额利息宽限时日,结果还是还不起。   最终,由于房产证编号与实际房产坐落并不一致,被发现证件是伪造的,东窗事发。 昨日,芗城检察院以涉嫌诈骗罪批准逮捕犯罪嫌疑人张某。   2015年,1966年出生的安徽人张某,在厦门经营一家建筑劳务公司,因资金周转出现困难,便想到向他人借款维持,而自己名下又无房产,张某便想到用假房产证来骗借他人的资金来周转一下。   张 某在厦门杏林区马路边通过一个“办证”的制假者伪造了一本编号:厦国土房证第01126825号的“厦门集美区明珠花园1幢601室”房产证。之后,张某 通过朋友曾某认识了吴某,当时,张某向他们说自己在厦门集美区明珠花园1幢601室有自己的房产,并拿出伪造的该幢房子的房产证给他们看,称这房子是自己 的,价值70万元。其实该房是张某向他人租来准备当办公用房的。   骗取当事人信任 后,2015年4月8日晚,张某拿着伪造的房产证来到芗城区榕御小区吴某的家中,把假的房产证交给吴某作为抵押,并向吴某写下40万元的借条并承诺在 2015年7月30日将借款还清。吴某在实地查看了该房产之后,于2015年4月10日至15日,分三次将40万元汇到张某建设银行的帐户上。   原 以为40万元投入后,生意能起色,再取回假的房产证。但张某的生意最终还是失败,投下去的钱无法赚回。还款期限到后,吴某不断追讨借款,但张某总以各种借 口和理由延迟还款。之后,张某又许以20万元的高额利息,承诺当年12月30日连本带利60万元一同还清,但最终还是还不起。   后 来,吴某发现张某提供的房产证有伪造嫌疑,再详细研究,发现房产证编号与实际房产坐落并不一致,便怀疑张某用假证进行骗借了自己40万现金。 今年9月6日,吴某到芗城刑警大队报案,指控张某伪造房产证向其骗借40万元。当晚,张某接到警方电话传唤后,主动到案,对其伪造产权证借款的事实供认不 讳。相关的主题文章: