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Man forged driving license was exposed   trace the police seized 4 people selling points – Fujian channel: original title: men out of forged driving license was exposed police tracked through the line seized 4 people selling points out man forged driving license was exposed, police tracked through the line, seized 4 illegal use fake driving license within a day, and they also suspected of "selling points". Yesterday, Siming police brigade of external communications, involving 4 people are currently being transferred tzengtsu border police station. In October 8th 11 in the morning, Liu Moukai came to the Siming Police Brigade illegal processing window, a processing Fujian DLP61* number of small car traffic offense 6 points. When it comes up with a driving license, the window staff found that the driver’s license font and the general driving license font is inconsistent. The staff check, found the vehicle license number and verification certificate of the core system is not consistent. Staff judge, Li Moukai brought the driving license forged. The investigation, Li Moukai submitted the driving license was fake. Li Moukai admitted that the driving license provided by the intermediary, but I do not know its authenticity. Lee Caine suspected of "selling points" behavior, the police will be transferred to its tzengtsu border police station handling. The same day 14:47, there is a man called Lin Jin min DLP61* car deal with 3 illegal records. Even more surprising is that Lin Kam to provide the driving card number and Liu Moukai provided by the morning of the same, but the address is not the same. Police judge, this is a false. Finally, the police confirmed that Lin Jin also use fake motor vehicle license, and suspected of "selling points", Lin Jin was transferred to the border police station tzengtsu processing. In view of the car and a number of traffic violations untreated, the police judge, there must be someone to deal with the illegal car window, and inform the window of attention, such as illegal business for the car, immediately inform. Sure enough, the day 16:34, Hwang min DLP61* seconds to deal with a record 6 points, the car illegal and checked. 17 minutes later, the man Feng Moushan came to the window, to deal with min D003Q* car a record of illegal 2 points. Staff found that it took out the driving license number and the system does not match the Department of forgery. In the face of evidence, Feng Moushan confession, the driving license is provided by a second yellow. Upon inquiry, Feng Moushan, Hwang confessed that the vehicle is not driven by them, but through an intermediary to 150 yuan per minute to 180 yuan ranging from the price of the driver’s license to sell scores. Currently, on suspicion of "selling points" behavior of these 4 people, have been handed over tzengtsu border police station handling. (reporter Chen Xiaobin) (commissioning editor Chen Chuchu and Wu Zhou)相关的主题文章: