Meichen Pan seriously hurt I regret opinionated emergency surgery – Beijing

Meichen Pan seriously hurt "I regret emergency surgery opinionated" – Beijing, Beijing, August 29, according to Taiwan "China times news, sports loving Meichen Pan recently in the practice of surfing, carelessly a brain, the left shoulder hit, but she refused to stop, and continue to practice 1 in the evening hours, shoulder pain, was rushed to the hospital, but because the heart of the next show, no hospitalization, illness need surgery, she also said:" in the micro-blog era that no dislocation without serious". Meichen Pan injured that night, the doctor asked her to think seriously ill hospitalized immediately, but strong heart her next performance, decided reluctantly returned to Beijing, is also afraid of his family to worry about, so don’t inform the severity, continue to busy notices and invited to perform the work, the illness is aggravating, the hospital examination, the doctor said her the left shoulder must immediately surgery, left shoulder ligament suture must, and cyst cells prominent phenomena also need resection. Meichen Pan is also 28, micro-blog snapshots to the fans, said: "I am self opinionated, thought no dislocation or fracture is no big deal, but to the hospital, the doctor immediately let me do the MRI examination, I had to inform the ligament fracture and multiple injuries, the doctor asked me to cancel all the work and immediately." She is upset because of negligence caused so much damage, so she felt sorry for his family, fans and work partners, fans also rushed to comfort her don’t think too much, get good treatment and rehabilitation.相关的主题文章: