Mengzi grass Nanba forward village collective economy development — Yunnan village share cooperatio

Mengzi grass Nanba forward village collective economy development — joint-stock cooperative power village of Yunnan channel, (Xue Dan) in Mengzi in October 10, Mengzi City, Yunnan province rich grass Nanba natural resources, known as the "natural greenhouse". In recent years, the local village ahead with their own advantages, in the village Party branch under the leadership of the village members, according to local conditions, vigorously develop the cooperatives, strengthen the village collective economy, and lead the masses to get rich. In 2013, as an immigrant village, village ahead of lead in the village "two committees", every 5 to 10 households collective make up 100 thousand yuan per share of shares, raising a total of more than 110 yuan in the establishment of Mengzi Caoba fruit and vegetable production and marketing cooperatives. In order to find suitable land farmers, cooperatives full funded the establishment of 100 acres of fruits and vegetables, rice high yield planting base, planting a shares by farmers intention. At the same time, cooperatives also hired a rich market experience, understand the management and technical personnel with the management and guidance of farmers, while ensuring the ecological and quality of agricultural products, mature by cooperative sales, according to the sales income and additional cooperative allowances, return the profits of farmers. Forward village in promoting the economic development of collective shares, but also to a village three shares model to promote the development of rural collective economy and farmers’ income. The village Party committee through the active integration of resources, investment in Dali, will be idle for 2125 square meters space as a collective joint-stock cooperative economic rent to investment in factories, promoted the development of the village collective economy. "This model of development, broaden the channels of the village collective economy, the village collective ‘pocketbook’ drum up. At the same time, strengthen the collective economy relying on the joint-stock cooperative economic development, boosting the construction of service-oriented grassroots party organizations, and enhance the public recognition of the party organization, to achieve the interactive win-win grass-roots party organization construction and economic construction." Grass town mayor Guo Yu told reporters. In order to speed up the pace of farmers to get rich, in 2013, the grass fruit and vegetable production and marketing cooperatives to buy high-quality rice processing equipment, to achieve the annual production of 50 tons of high-quality rice standards. The town of cooperatives and agricultural science and technology company signed an agency agreement per acre of rice seedlings, reduce the production cost of 400 yuan to 500 yuan. Rice processing factory was established, only rice planting an income, farmers’ income from 1500 yuan per mu profit increased to 2500 to 3000 yuan per mu. Since 2014, the village will also carry forward the idle assets and resources to revitalize the positive resources into assets. At present, there are three enterprises settled in the forward village, were engaged in the development of agricultural science and technology, the development of the manor economy, corporate wine, alcohol production, agricultural products packaging (packaging) production. In addition, the second half of 2015, but also actively negotiate forward Village 300 acres of land transfer, expand village planting varieties and development of manor economy, improve village level of fixed assets (housing and space) use efficiency, the introduction of investment, construction and development of village eco agriculture industry to create a system of three integrated industrial chain. (Xu Qian, Sheng Yu wood: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: