Men’s old exchange for new mobile phone maintenance records unable to explain-nvidia geforce gt 740m

The new mobile phone replaced by the old man has the record of maintenance: it is a good thing that it is impossible to explain the "old to new" activities, the old goods to buy new goods. But not long ago, the consumer Mr. Chen "to old change" but changed a second-hand goods, in the heart is not the taste. In September 20th, Mr. Chen in an experience store phase of a iPhone6s mobile phone, see what is like, but the price is more than 5000 yuan, he can not make up his mind. At this time, the clerk before selling, a look at Mr. Chen holding the old mobile phone is apple, he said, the store is launching the "TM" activities, after assessment, Mr. Chen’s old mobile phone can offset part of the price, you can not spend four thousand yuan of money can get a new mobile phone, Mr. Chen heart. After assessment, Mr. Chen’s old mobile phone discount 2300 yuan, to complete the adjustment part, a new iPhone6s hand, the shop to ensure "TM" to provide all genuine new mobile phone. But after careful Mr. Chen’s home, through the official website to see the phone’s network records, found that the phone had a maintenance record in April 25th this year. "Since it’s a brand-new cell phone, how do you need it?" and it was repaired six months ago" Chen believes that this only shows that before April 25th, the phone has been sold, and has been used. He found the store to discuss that, and the report of the selling behavior to 12315. 12315 staff involved in the investigation, the store staff said, all the mobile phones in the store by the company unified distribution, are indeed new phones, but why the new phone has six months ago maintenance records, they can not explain. Now, they have reported the matter to the head office for verification and changed a new mobile phone for Mr. chen. (reporter correspondent Miao Miao correspondent Yang Ping)

男子以旧换新换来的新手机有维修记录 店家:无法解释   商家开展“以旧换新”活动,旧的物品抵价换购新物品,这本是件好事。可前不久,消费者陈先生“以旧换新”却换了个二手货,心里不是滋味。   9月20日,陈先生在一家体验店相中了一款iPhone6s手机,看看甚是喜欢,但售价要5000多元,他下不了决心。此时,店员上前推销,一看陈先生手里拿的旧手机也是苹果的,便介绍说,店里正在开展“以旧换新”活动,经过评估,陈先生的旧手机可以抵销一部分价格,到时候花不了四千元钱就能得到新手机,陈先生心动了。   经评估,陈先生的旧手机折价2300元,补齐差价部分后,一部崭新的iPhone6s便到手了,店方保证“以旧换新”提供的全部为全新正品手机。但细心的陈先生到家后通过官网查看该手机的入网记录,发现该手机于今年4月25日有过一次维修记录。“既然是全新手机,怎么需要维修,而且半年前就修过了?”陈先生认为,这只能说明4月25日之前,这部手机就已经出售,且被用过了。   他找到店家讨说法,并向12315举报其售假行为。12315工作人员介入调查后,店家工作人员表示,店里所有的手机都由公司统一配送,确实都是新手机,可为什么新手机有半年前的维修记录,他们目前也无法解释。现在,他们已经将事情汇报给总公司进行查证,并为陈先生先行更换了一部新手机。(记者 应科苗 通讯员 杨萍)相关的主题文章: