Mexico Real Estate Sees Benefits From Redoubled Promotion Of Tourism In The U.s.-wetnwild

Mexico real estate for foreigners is in many ways interdependent on Mexico"’""s foreign tourism. In addition to the fact that the economy of most Mexico real estate destinations is heavily dependent on tourism, much of the infrastructure and activities in these destinations has been provided to support the tourist industry. For this reason, it is good news that the Government of Mexico, which has already invested heavily in re-building tourism after the drop off during the swine flu, is continuing to redouble its efforts north of the border. The Secretary of Tourism of Mexico"’""s federal government (SECTUR) has announced a new campaign, promoting Mexico"’""s top tourist destinations the most visited beaches, colonial cities, and magic villages"’ in key cities in the United States. The purpose is to boost tourist numbers through increased media promotion. This series of promotions will focus on the peak of the 2009/2010 winter season, between November and March. To prepare for this program, SECTUR will be carrying out interviews with key directors and editors of the media industry in the United States, to ensure that the most important media outlets are included in the program. Representatives from the key Mexican tourist areas will be involved in the process of planning the campaign. On a recent visit to Quintana Roo to announce the beginning of the beach recovery project, the secretary of tourism, Rodolfo Elizondo Torres, noted that the government would not rest until tourism in Mexico has been re-established and recovered its strength .pletely. SECTUR has already demonstrated this .mitment through the Wel.e Back"’ program in the United States and Canada, and Vive Mexico"’ which focuses on Mexican tourists; both programs have already shown results, with a summer tourist numbers similar to those of last year; despite the health-advisory crisis, hotel occupancy and reservation rates are very good. The real challenge is still the winter season, but the signs are optimistic and, with the support of programs like this one, beach destinations are likely to see the long-standing tradition of winter vacationers continue in strong numbers. Elizondo stated that North American tourists must continue to see Mexico as a warm, and pleasant place to visit, which offers a .bination of diverse activities and modern services for tourists at a level superior to main .petitors for tourism. Similarly, the fact that Mexico will continue to offer a pleasant lifestyle and modern, up-to-date infrastructure, will be a reassurance to owners and buyers of Mexico real estate , who will look forward to the continued effort that the Government of Mexico is making to improve what Mexico offers to foreign tourists. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: