Midnight werewolf! Men how to sister back home…… mide-031

Midnight werewolf! Men how to sister back home…… If it is in the general animation, it is usually the woman lose active protagonist, the protagonist is irresistible. But in reality, if the man is not active enough, it is possible to note solitary born. So how do Japanese men pull their dates back home? Recently, the Japanese media conducted a survey. – extend the appointment time, let the other side missed the last bus at night to play very late, then there is no bus." (23 year old financial position), the choice has been with her to drink, drink no car can sit." (38 years old) this is a good way to keep your girlfriend. Since there is no way to go back, then you can only find a place to spend the night. This time the men will say: "you want to come to my house?" Then…… Li stressed to his home overnight what good "watch the latest DVD." (31 years old) "my family has a good drink." (38 year old financial business position) to his girlfriend "to my fun". It’s a bit of a fish, but it’s easy for women to agree. These are excuses anyway. In the meeting place on from his home near the place "to his home near the local drink. As a result, although she may choose to go back, but also may come directly to my house." (33 year old canteen Affairs Department) "to eat in my neighborhood, until there is no bus so far. If the other person says, ‘I’ll have to leave at once Then use ‘my home in the vicinity, it is better to come to my house,’ the reason to lure her." (26 years of food sales) if the dating site is closer to the woman’s home, she can leave at any time. And if you want her to stay, or choose to be closer to the man’s home oh. – direct request "is directly with her own ideas. I don’t want to be considered the mind." (25 year old group affairs department) "casually say" you can stay here ‘. Because I did not force the courage of each other." (33 year old school full-time) sometimes, even if you want a variety of ways, it would be better to say it directly. So, it’s worth looking forward to. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: