Nanning heavy overload oversized vehicles for half a month 13 car fined 100 thousand yuan zghd

Nanning heavy overload oversized vehicles for half a month 13 car fined 100 thousand yuan for half a month to 13 vehicles heavy penalties on the morning of November 4th, the Nanning municipal transportation law enforcement detachment to carry out governance overloading of vehicles on Kunlun Avenue, on the morning of 11 pm, the license plate number of Guangxi AF0830 and GUI AF2367 two four axle trucks on suspicion of overloading law enforcement officers seized by overloading. According to reports, the two trucks were four axle trucks transport gravel, the total weight of goods vehicles were 69.23 tons and 66.82 tons, exceeding the total weight of goods four axis truck 31 tons maximum limit of more than doubled. Eventually, were fined 19 thousand yuan and $17 thousand and 500. At present, two truck owners have to pay the fine penalty, to become the city of Nanning in accordance with the "Regulations" punishment after the first two cars making Truck Overload Transportation case. Nanning City chief of the transportation department of policies and regulations comprehensive law enforcement detachment Yang Lianqing said that the first half of November, law enforcement detachment has repeatedly sent to investigate the freight vehicle overloading behavior, has gone through 13 Truck Overload penalty case, the total penalty amount has reached 103 thousand and 500 yuan. In addition, there are still 15 trucks overloaded transport cases are being handled. In order to avoid heavy red card owners have the "Regulations" introduced this year, has been called the history of the most stringent rule over the way, overloading a ton of standard punishment of a fine of 500 yuan higher than before a lot. Law enforcement department said, in the first car was sent four axle truck as an example, the truck with cargo weight reached 69.23 tons, if according to the original penalty, the penalty amount should be 4500 yuan to 5500 yuan, but according to the existing provisions, fines reached 19 thousand yuan. "We have encountered several cases of violent law enforcement in recent times." Nanning city transportation comprehensive law enforcement detachment five battalion Zhou Houwu said, after the implementation of the new regulations, some serious vehicle overload attempts to escape inspection card punch. When the joint law enforcement and public security departments, the vehicle will not punch card, but when we encountered in the road alone, a number of vehicles on the direct punch card, most of the field of large trucks. Next, will strengthen law enforcement joint action, severely punish the card and other acts." At present, Nanning city against the overload transportation behavior enforcement action involves many roads surrounding the fast ring, jade cave, three pond, Friendship Road area are overloading oversized vehicles appear more densely populated regions, oversized vehicles overload transportation of goods in gravel, sand, steel etc.. Wuming is now a lot of good direction, the city’s transport sector is also on the road to investigate, there are a lot of overloaded vehicles overloaded." The construction work site of Nanning before the rule over the city is the main flow overload, there is no fixed rule over the site, so sometimes, loadometer weighing overload unloading links such as there are some difficulties." Yang Lianqing said that the current plans to build Nanning 2~3 overload control workstation, not only will install loadometer such as overload facilities, will also be supporting the construction site for unloading, unloading and transport overload oversized vehicles provide the venue. Reporters from the Nanning Municipal Transportation Bureau was informed that the future of Nanning over the overloaded line相关的主题文章: