Nanning Wangwang snow cake eating luck has not changed Wang man to write a report of many department yuanjiao

Nanning: eat Wangwang snow cake luck has not changed to Wang Man Department report eating Wangwang luck every day Wang Oh ", it is common to want products advertisement. Just arrived in Nanning soon Mr. Xie, because eat many days of Wangwang snow cake, luck did not become prosperous, huff wrote a letter report to report to law enforcement authorities…… The evening of September 23rd, the report letter circulated on the Internet, attracted a large number of people watching the up arrow to eat melon to report the letter said, in September 11th, Mr. Xie to the Hualian Supermarket to buy daily necessities, purchased during the supermarket sales of "Wangwang snow cake 84g" bag, price 5 yuan. The positive position of large font: want to eat every day, Wang luck oh. Because of its induction, so buy a bag, buy home after eating for many days, luck has not changed, better. According to this, Mr. Xie believes that its propaganda behavior is false, superstitious, and there is no scientific basis. "In violation of the" (People’s Republic of China) food safety law "and" (People’s Republic of China) advertising law ", at the same time the supermarket should be in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, to provide the product can make the fate of the evidence or evidence of prosperity. If not, this product has constituted fraud, according to regulations, the complainant claims 500 yuan." In the report the letter, Mr. Xie also lists 4 report request: including the report, written according to the admissibility of complaints Banjie inform the whistleblower complaints; shall be ordered to refund and compensation; administrative punishment and reward of whistleblower complaints complaint was carried out in accordance with the law; in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, publicity of illegal behavior informants. "Cow" and "want this guy fake also play good enough," the letter came after online, fueled strong crowd, and There were many discussions. September 23rd at about 10 o’clock in the evening, the reporter through the letter on the phone to confirm the report confirmed Mr. Xie, the letter is indeed a letter he sent by mail in September 19th. He said, in addition to send Jiangnan District food and drug supervision and Management Bureau, he also to the Yulin City Administration of Industrial and Commercial Bureau, Yulin city food and drug administration each sent a letter of statement, appeal consistent complaint letter. I refer to the "Wangwang snow cake packaging, packaging bag shows the snow cake manufacturer in Yulin city economic development zone." He said, so he also sent a complaint letter to the Yulin city law enforcement departments, informants is Guangxi Wangwang Food Co. ltd.. In September 21st, he received a text message from the business sector, and then, he received a call from the branch, so he added the material required to submit complaints. As of noon on September 24th, Mr. Xie has not yet received feedback from the Yulin Municipal Food and drug administration, Jiangnan District food and drug administration. In the law enforcement departments have not made substantial response, Mr. Xie’s complaint letter has been widely circulated on the internet. Mr. Xie is very depressed, the spread of the Internet JuBaoXin picture is not taken by him, he is not the time to upload, Jiangnan District food and drug administration department only send a, and display process in September 20th at 11 in the morning to send by mail room sign lotus相关的主题文章: