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"New clothes" designer lineup of luxury designer to Canada mother – "new clothes"   entertainment Sohu; designer luxury lineup Sohu entertainment news produced by the Oriental TV variety star straddling fashion "my new clothes" on Saturday (September 3rd) ten return Oriental tv. The third season of "my new clothes" new upgrade, not only the goddess rich cast of four resident guests, Wu Xin, Zhang Li, Lin Chiling, Wang Likun, and the first guest Fan Bingbing portrait join, more domestic and foreign well-known designers 30 days team, first you can see five different styles of designers on the same stage, contribution exquisite design extraordinary, it is worth mentioning that Canada the "mother country" designer came! "My new clothes" the third quarter of each period will define a theme, "goddess" and designers will choose according to the theme of film, so that a more perfect show "new clothes". First, Lin Chiling hand designer Grace Chen to show you the luxury of "Chicago"; Wu Xin partner designer Yang Juan expression girl princess dream; Zhang Li to join the Korean designer Ji Yeon Lee brings the "body" super cool; Wang Likun is to join the famous designer Lucian Matis "Marie Antoinette" luxury. Friend and designer Zhang Shuai is dedicated to the guest of Fan Bingbing "the Devil Wears Prada". Five designers all backing is not small, Fan Bingbing Zhang Shuai is a fashion designer senior stylist transformation of cutting-edge designers, the clothing by many domestic star of love; Wu Xin designer Yang Juan, whose design has attracted celebrity artists, fashion Master and thousands of white Formica chasing up; Zhang Li Yeon designer Ji Lee has repeatedly super junior, SNSD create album and concert costume designer Grace Chen; Lin Chiling enjoys high praise in the international fashion field, the Chinese designer user list includes the famous media people Yang Lan, actor Liu Xiaoqing, American talk show a sister Oprah, Oscar winner Karen Miller. Chinese traditional culture exposed to make the design of Grace is more elegant, simple and added with Western elements, formed her unique special temperament Chinese and Western. Her own brand is also known as the representative of "China’s world beauty" haute couture brand! Canada and the "mother country designer" the arrival of people very surprise, originally in the Canadian Prime Minister Durudo took office after the first visit to China, Lucian once Canada First Lady specifically customized logo on behalf of the two color red skirt, and this will bring what Lucian teamed up with the Wang Likun design also makes people look forward very. Since the "goddess" lineup has exposed users is expected to have the "goddess" in "new clothes" on the stage, in addition to the "goddess", the designer lineup can not be underestimated, this is a "goddess" and designers bring together the wonderful Feast on Saturday (September 3rd) ten pm Eastern satellite tv!相关的主题文章: