Ningbo apple repair inspection and measurement of mobile phone battery or not free for surge antik

Ningbo apple repair inspection and measurement of mobile phone battery can not change or surge free is replaced, first look at the serial number "my iphone6s plus is suddenly shut down, can be replaced?" "Why can’t my iphone6s replace batteries for free?"…… Apple repair service center, many people raised similar questions. Not all of the sudden shutdown of apple, are free to replace the battery. According to Apple’s official reply, currently only supports the production date for September 2015 to October between the issue of iphone6s. So how to determine the phone was produced in September last year to October? Maintenance center staff said, open the phone settings, click on the general, in the "on the machine" to find the serial number, look at the serial number of the fourth and the fifth. First, the fourth is Q, on behalf of the date of delivery in the second half of 2015, followed by the fifth is "4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, C, D, F, G, H". Only the serial number to meet these two conditions, can be within the scope of this free replacement battery. Yong Jun to send mobile phone as an example, the fourth bit serial number is "Q", fifth is "G", so in the range of free replacement within. However, what can not be replaced, but also need to be tested. If it does not fall within the scope of the replacement of Apple’s mobile phone users, there have been frequent shutdown, you need to pay the cost of replacing the battery. Over insurance does not matter, private demolition can not be free of charge for the battery iPhone machine and accessories included in the original purchase date to enjoy 1 years warranty. So after 1 years warranty issue of mobile phones, but also to enjoy the free replacement battery service? "This program applies to the affected iPhone 6S batteries, valid for the first three years since the date of retail sales." Hua Lou street maintenance point of customer service, said that if the problem is indeed a mobile phone, even more than 1 years, or can be free to replace the battery. According to the process, need to provide invoices, warranty card. Over insurance can be, but the private demolition will not work. "Apple is not authorized to repair the point of repair, we do not provide free replacement of battery services, even if the repair is not part of the battery." Siming road maintenance department staff said that even if the payment cannot be replaced. EGO store customer service told Yong Jun school, private buildings can not be free to replace the battery, but can pay 588 yuan for replacement. Hongkong and other places to buy mobile phones have encountered problems in the mainland can also get free battery replacement? Yong Jun sent in the urban area three maintenance point answer is. However, if your phone is not a national version, or suggest that the user before the delivery test, consult the local apple repair service center. Also a reminder, Apple also suggested that if consumers iPhone 6S has any battery replacement damage, such as screen rupture, need to repair to solve this kind of problem can be made after the battery replacement. Reporter Zhang相关的主题文章: