NOKIA next year to return to the smartphone market Foxconn is responsible for R & D and manufacturin

NOKIA return next year the smartphone market, Foxconn is responsible for the development and manufacture of NOKIA Phoenix Technology News Beijing on November 19th news, according to foreign media reports, some people might not believe NOKIA will return to the smartphone market next year’s news. But now, NOKIA’s official documents should be able to dispel all suspicions. NOKIA held a 2016 capital market day in November 15th to introduce the company’s future development plans. Slide shows, NOKIA brand will return to the smartphone market in 2017". NOKIA is expected to return to the smart phone market next year, but it should be noted that NOKIA will not be independent of its own production of mobile phones, because the company has no need to produce mobile phone manufacturing facilities. Therefore, NOKIA brand mobile phones need to cooperate with the company HMD Global, Foxconn, Finland. HMD led by former NOKIA executives, will be responsible for the NOKIA brand mobile phones and accessories development, marketing and sales". Foxconn is responsible for R & D and manufacturing. Moreover, HMD has signed a contract with the UK’s largest independent advertising company Mother, which helps promote the NOKIA brand mobile phone. One of the first NOKIA branded phones launched next year may be D1C. It is running Android 7 system, with 1080P display, Xiaolong 430 processor and 3GB of memory medium configuration. 2017 World Mobile Communications Conference (MWC) will be held from February 27th to March 2nd. By then, NOKIA president and CEO Rajiv · (Rajeev) will deliver a keynote speech at the conference, may reveal some of the details of the next generation of NOKIA’s phone. (compile Xiao rain) (Phoenix)相关的主题文章: