Not back all not good Samsung announced that it will disconnect all remote Note7 network exit safe mode

Not back all not good? Samsung has announced that it will disconnect all remote Note7 network Samsung Galaxy Note 7 there is a risk for user’s personal safety or property, but even experienced in the global recall, and several no subsidies, there are still stubborn users still use the mobile phone. And after the mandatory firmware upgrade to limit the amount of electricity, Samsung and Note 7 for the introduction of new restrictions: prohibit the connection of mobile networks. Samsung announced the day before, in November 18th after the connection between all Note New Zealand 7 will be cut off and mobile network operators, and thus unable to call, send text messages or mobile data acquisition. Although the Wi-Fi function will not be limited, but I believe that this measure has been enough to allow users to delay the return of mobile phones caused attention. According to local media reports, most of the New Zealand Note 7 has been replaced, but there are still hundreds of not returned. Businesses have repeatedly tried to get in touch with the owners, asking them to replace the phone or refund. This restriction measures should be returned to help the remaining mobile phone, "Geoff Telecommunications Forum Thorn New Zealand president said," hope still have the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mobile phone users to return to service as soon as possible." As for Samsung and other countries will be mobile operators to launch similar restrictions on processing? In this regard, a Samsung spokesman said the company is investigating the possibility to further restrict the use of this device".相关的主题文章: