On Monday 007 SMG analysis the Faroe Islands to defeat good strength e2140

On Monday 007 SMG analysis: power well the Faroe Islands on Monday 007 World Cup defeat to the Faroe Islands VS 2016-10-11 02:45 location: Portugal Toth Mora Stadium: 10 degrees cloudy weather situation: the Faroe Islands team of Faroe Islands is not like minnows Andorra, they have more than playing football in Denmark and Iceland in the League occupation player, combat capability has been stable L. The European Championship although they failed to qualify, but the team in the League beat Greece, guamu. The World Cup before the 2 round, they were 0-0 draw with Hungary, beat Latvia 2-0, at present product 4 points row in the second group. This time at home court against European champions in Portugal, the Faroe Islands is a powerful battle. The current situation: the last round of the Portuguese team World Cup, Portugal in the home court swept 6-0 9 Andorra, and Andorra, the injury of C, showing excellent competitive state, the king of Portugal scored 4 goals, but also makes the match 2 red cards, the rule. The game, C Luo will definitely continue to be entrusted with the task. At present, 134 appearances for the Portuguese C Ronaldo has scored 65 goals, and the Faroe Islands, C Ronaldo is expected to further refresh his national team appearances and scoring record. Other players, Andorra due to injury to be replaced in advance of the Guerrero missed training on Saturday to assess whether he wants to see the doctor for the Faroe Islands before the. Game Analysis: the Faroe Islands 2 consecutive battle by the low looks impressive, but the war compensate negative compensate mainstream company opened to about 1.15, corresponding to the SMG Shengping Fu played not on sale, the Asian plate Portugal 2 ball low water concessions to the disk, the note plate plate to maintain sufficient precipitation tension, let the ball SMG play is given to 2.42-3.85-2.20 SP, his pay down, the Portuguese lost disk or to guard against the war, let the ball play check wins, two negative suggestions. The first prediction: the Faroe Islands: Nelson, Qiao Ensen, Davidson, Nadisitade, Gregson, Jess, Olsen Hamar, Daytona W, Hansen, Benjamin, Edmund Anderson Sen and Cancelo, Portugal: Patricio Feng Te, Pepe, Motinho, Mario Guerrero, Joao Andre, Gomes, C Ronaldo, Andre – Silva, Quaresma相关的主题文章: