One man was killed by a man on trial in one year and six months (video) dataload

Reversing a man’s death in the first trial in one year and six months, an inadvertent reversal, a tragedy, destroyed two families. Yesterday, Haicang court issued such a criminal case. Zhang driver more than and 40 years old, was originally a logistics company in Xiamen driver. The morning of February 29th this year, a driver was not muck unloading clean, driving a dump truck in Haicang a consumptive field roadway illegal dumping reversing, tried again, because did not observe after the car, will be knocked down by walking in the roadway and rolling (small Yan Xiao Yan was sent to hospital rescue invalid death). A driver immediately get off the view, active coordination with the public security organs investigation, and surrendered the initiative in March 16th, reached a settlement with the families of the victims, and actively compensate. Recently, Haicang court verdict, Zhang believes that the driver violation reversing, did not observe the rear of the vehicle, road traffic accidents because of careless negligence, causing one death, his behavior constituted the crime of negligence causing death. Therefore, he was sentenced to one year and six months imprisonment, suspended for three years. (Strait Herald (micro-blog)) related video: real shot highway drivers go wrong reversing one kilometer back real highway driver go wrong reversing one kilometer back to >相关的主题文章: