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Met online rich handsome women believe cheated 160 thousand comic Yu Xiaoxiang mobile phone, social software, a rich handsome photos, there are some blandishments…… These alone, who lives in Hubei, Wuhan, 28 year old Miss Sun had believed the Internet rich handsome boyfriend, suffered fraud, not to meet with each other under the condition of two people online. Just two months time to the sun is called Miss rich handsome boyfriend cheated 160 thousand yuan for various reasons. Modern Express correspondent Lu Gongxuan ZAKER Nanjing correspondent Gu Yuansen man design "online dating" scam in early August this year, Nanjing Liuhe Zhao spent all his savings, the initiation of the idea of Internet fraud. He first named "Dong", claimed to be a Nanjing digital products company’s legal representative, in addition to others pretended to downtown opened a bar in Nanjing, his car is "Martha Lahti", at the same time with their own mobile phone registered another nickname as "Hi" online account, claims "exultation" is his best friend. One day in August, Zhao in the red WeChat Entertainment Group "in the game, plus friends met the woman Sohn, Sohn and" about love "after they begin to love. "Dong" told his friend Sohn said, "big" borrow money from him, ready to do a good job in advance of the early "Dong" picked up another mobile phone, posing as "big" to greet the sun, dispel doubt sohn. The morning of August 10th, "Dong" told Sunmou, "big" girlfriend to do stream of people operation needs 13 thousand yuan, Sohn call the "big" after confirmation, and send money to the "big"; in August 13th, "Dong Di" to "big" with his girlfriend to go to the hospital, and cheated Sohn 3000 yuan. All sorts of excuses to cheat money, she believed, in August 23rd, the "overjoyed" texting Sohn said, "Dong" was hit by a car in a coma needs 6000 yuan hospital deposit, his money is not the number of. Sohn and immediately transferred from the bank to 6000 yuan in the past to treat her boyfriend, and told him to take a good rest. In September 13th, "Dong" and called the Sohn said his car hit the man called the police. "Police" not to put ten thousand yuan on people. Sun and dig out the money. September 17th, Dong told Sohn, he helped others fight, was brought back to the public security organs to deal with. Police said he was wounded, to pay 26 thousand yuan, if not, the police will detain him for six months. Subsequently, Dong also issued a call Chen Lili bank card number, because the fear of her boyfriend was closed, Sohn and remitted 26 thousand yuan. Through the "Dong" directed and starred as two people and make up all kinds of lies, and he repeatedly used different ways of defrauding Sohn 160 thousand yuan, all in the casino lost completely. Unbelievable, Sohn and Zhao times never met, both sides through online chat, just two months, Sohn is directly through the online way transfer money to Zhao, the cumulative transfer 52 times, each time not ask the other ious. During this period, in order to and the so-called "high rich handsome" boyfriend has a good result, sun.相关的主题文章: