Oral former husband derailed, with my hard money to buy the former girlfriend to buy platinum on the 9c8836

Oral: husband derailed the former, with my hard work to save money to the former girlfriend to buy platinum on the ring recently discovered her husband raised three small. Or her husband’s predecessor, is near our home. Six months together, I found that I have been married for six years, he is the center, and now the heart is broken, only to find out how simple and stupid. I am a more economical woman, I did not expect to save money on their own hard to other women spend. The heart is very painful, the husband unexpectedly returned to him to buy platinum to ring, the mother that woman is really cheap. Her divorce also to seduce others husband. Now want to open, they can help, husband is not let me go, how can I do, in addition there are two big baby 5 years old, small 4 years old, is my own hands, I want the court to divorce him. May I ask the child to come over? Please help me. Thank you。 – I’m gorgeous line developing to answer: do you want to come over the possibility of custody is relatively large, but you are a woman with two children, have a job, I feel too much pressure, rather than leave the child to see them, the woman can not live with him? All you need to do is go and see your kids and buy a gift for them. You have been working hard for the first half of your life, and if you take two more children, you can make it clear that the rest of your life will be hard. You give him hard to raise a child, he was in the money to another woman, would you have? What you need to do now is to collect evidence of his infidelity, and then negotiate with him, if he does not agree to divorce, then sue for divorce. The source (spicy Love Blog) more exciting content, please pay attention to female @ Sina (micro-blog)相关的主题文章: