Beijing – -60 multi video more than 8500 pieces of cultural treasures appearance Dunhuang

Beijing – -60 multi video more than 8500 pieces of cultural treasures "appearance" Dunhuang reproduction silk civilization 60 countries more than 8500 pieces of cultural treasures "appearance" Dunhuang reproduction silk civilization [comment] the first Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Cultural Expo opened in September 20th, 95 foreign delegations from 85 countries and 5 international organizations attend. "The Belt and Road" along the more than and 60 countries more than 8 thousand and 500 pieces of cultural products and important cultural relics in Dunhuang debut. The core activities of the Silk Road as the first cultural exhibition fair, a total of China, international, Gansu, 4 thematic exhibition, the exhibition covers the cultural treasures of historical relics, creative design, animation production, intangible cultural heritage protection, and Chinese porcelain firing aerospace technology etc. more than ten kinds of categories, showcasing the Asia, Europe and Africa America, Oceania and other countries of the fine arts. The same period [] head of the Russian Academy of Arts and Sciences Zurab tsereteli? The three picture is together with the concept, they are a symbol of the morning and noon, at noon and in the evening, the three picture is representative of the Silk Road from morning to evening a whole morning to a process, it is placed in the middle, symbol now the silk road has just begun, it is the curator of a project will do so. [comment] France is the first fair’s guest country. Gilt antique cabinets, Louis Xiv during the eighteenth Century oil painting, silk, and more than 200 pieces of exhibits, from space and time back "in France and the silk road that thing". [over] the French Embassy Cultural and Educational Cooperation Department Deputy Commissioner of French culture in the red warbler is very pleased to participate in this exhibition, because we think it will be a window open to the public China, Chinese do not need to take the plane to fly to France, will be able to understand a situation in France in all aspects, not only is the Chinese familiar with the French of the scenic spots, there are a lot of French made in some areas of the results, see. [comment] "Belt and Road Initiative along the national intangible cultural heritage exhibition and the countries along the silk road exhibition is the most amazing, the curatorial staff said, 28 thousand square meters of indoor exhibition hall is more like a flow of" world silk road cultural corridor ", the Dunhuang cultural feast" reproduction "the history of the silk road. Reporter Wei Jianjun Gansu, Dunhuang reports相关的主题文章:

NASA sign we only change the rumor outer space for scientific research-synnex

NASA sign: we only change the rumor of foreign space science research Sina Technology News Beijing on September 23rd news, according to foreign media reports, there is a rumor spread in the social network last week, said 86% people may not be so for your sign that this has caused some panic in the network. A lot of people are for gospel truth because of the news sources said, NASA. But as the aviation agency in the world’s most respected NASA, how much and astrology? In fact, the origin of this incident is that a magazine on NASA for children, a report is discussed. NASA in the report, lived about 3000 years ago that the constellation of Babylon mobile may be influenced by events on earth. The twelve sign of the zodiac, as we know it today, is based on their calendar. But compared with the Babylon passing of night, the stars, the position has certainly changed, this is a fact as everyone knows. But "Cosmopolitan" magazine on this popular science articles, that NASA changed the time corresponding to each constellation. It also singled out a few of the sentences and ophiuchus. Ophiuchus is one of twelve signs of the Zodiac "forgotten" thirteenth constellations. The magazine that Ophiuchus now "return to the stage, some people actually belong to Ophiuchus, rather than they had originally thought that the constellation. But some users are not buying it. If the sign time really changed, then the corresponding Ophiuchus time is from November 29th to December 17th. NASA on the blog that they are talking about astronomy, Astrology: astronomy is not everything foreign in space science…… But astrology is different, it is not scientific." NASA, of course, to hurry to clarify that the future is not what they do. Cantillo Laurie of the NASA Department of planetary exploration, · (Laurie), said: "we did not change the zodiac, we just do some calculations. The NASA report said, because of the change of the current constellation’s position is different and thousands of years ago." "Astrology is not astronomy, it is the cultural legacy of ancient history." (leaves)相关的主题文章:

Expectant mothers should be particularly careful fetal stop – maternal and child

The first pregnancy expectant mother to be particularly careful fetal stop – Sohu after the mother and child pregnant mother is very concerned about the development of the fetus, the worst result is the emergence of fetal abortion. For fetal stop must pay special attention to find out the reasons for the birth of the fetus, improve maternal environment, to restore the development of fetal health. Learn more about motherhood knowledge, you can also join the national health good mummy club QQ group, there do not understand the questions at any time, we will reply in the first time. And interact with their mothers, in the interaction of learning knowledge, training skills. QQ group: 212150626, we are waiting for you oh! Stop due to the growth and development of fetus (a) caused by abnormal chromosome itself to stop child education for many reasons, one of the main reasons is the abnormal chromosome itself, the 50% stop child education is a process of survival of the fittest natural. (two) other factors, including the lack of luteal function in the first half of the first 8 weeks of pregnancy, from the mother’s ovary, and from the placenta after the first 8 weeks of pregnancy, and other factors. If the mother of ovarian function is not good, after pregnancy, the body can not secrete enough progesterone to maintain the development of the embryo, it may lead to fetal problems. Therefore, for irregular menstruation, poor luteal function is not the mother, it is best conditioning the body, improve the endocrine disorders and then ready for pregnancy. For the lack of luteal function caused by fetal stop expectant mothers, pregnant again as soon as possible under the guidance of a doctor to supplement progesterone, in order to maintain normal hormone levels. 2, thyroid dysfunction: in addition to lack of luteal function, another cause of endocrine disorders caused by fetal development is an important reason for abnormal thyroid function. If there is a mother hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, may cause the embryo, abortion or fetal malformation. Because a lot of people with thyroid abnormalities and no obvious symptoms, suggest that expectant mothers in the pre pregnancy check, the best for the relevant inspection, to be excluded. 3, uterine abnormalities: congenital or acquired uterine abnormalities have many types, such as uterine diaphragm, uterine fibroids, intrauterine adhesions, etc., there is a risk of fetal birth. Fortunately, a large part of the abnormal uterine problems, can be found by ultrasound and other gynecological examination in a timely manner, before pregnancy treatment and improvement. Because the uterus abnormalities caused by fetal stop expectant mothers, we must first of all, after the treatment of the disease related to the uterus, and then prepare for the next pregnancy. 4, infection: usually in pregnancy check or early pregnancy check, the doctor can suggest the mother of eugenics five five (also known as teratogenic English abbreviation TORCH) check. Through the detection of antibodies to the virus, to determine whether the mother’s body is in a certain period of acute infection of the virus. If the mother is in a period of acute infection, such as rubella, giant cells or Toxoplasma gondii, it is possible to cause an embryo deformity or death. The proposed quasi mother spend acute infection period, IgM antibody negative, and pregnancy is more appropriate. 5, the elderly: with the growth of prospective mothers, resulting in the risk of fetal growth will gradually increase. The latest data show that the prospective mother at the age of 20~30 years old.相关的主题文章:

Play with toys also have stress! Then you are not toys, no good! Sohu –autobots

Play with toys also have stress! Then you are not toys, no good! Mom and dad treasure mom and Dad, Sohu, to buy toys for children, you know the performance of the toys do? Many toys are marked for the age of the child, in addition to security, the age of the tips have no other meaning? After buying you have to accompany their children to try to explore new ways to play it? In fact, playing with toys is also stress, how to calculate the right? The "Parenting Forum" to invite famous family educator Liu Yonghe teacher to share the simple and fun parent-child games. Parent-child game is a very good form of parent-child interaction. Early, especially 0-4 years old parents can be used to shape the game to train the child’s character, courage, courage, rules, social skills, etc.. Many parents love children at a very young age began to learn some knowledge, such as recite poetry, less than 100 of the count, knowledge is certainly important, knowledge is the life of every person to learn, but the ability is the basis in early education, ability in the early days of the reserve it is important to. Acquisition of knowledge by learning, ability to rely on the game. How will the parent-child games and social language training combined, motion perception and vocal sound in children before, to proprioception (kinesthetic training), it is a part of the sensory integration training. And the training is very important, it includes visual, auditory, tactile, proprioceptive. Some children stuttering situation, and lack of exercise in the early training of a relationship. In the 0-1 age children can do some passive movement, such as the children’s simple massage, massage, also encourage children to roll over, crawl. Big game Liu Yonghe classic invention: papa Playground: · artificial Ferris Wheel: holding the child’s arm, put the child up and moving in a circle around his father’s body, while can be done while the children sing songs. ·: Pirate Ship: father holds the child with his arms, swinging. Dad: · · climbing cup dance, moving the gravel, stairs, slide, trampoline, jump jump, jump with small pillow a lot of game adults will feel boring, but children don’t feel boring. Parents want to cultivate children’s imagination and creativity, first of all to have their own rich imagination and creativity. Parents should learn to make things interesting, change the way it becomes interesting. "A play", buy a lot of toys as a toy to provide a variety of play. Children watching the game in the process of modification of parents, this is a kind of thinking training, an increase of imagination. This will let the children find life so ordinary things, the original can be so fun, life is so interesting and beautiful. We don’t need to buy expensive toys for children, children do not have too much fun, meaning is not. We can design a simple game, let the children fall in love with life, love to learn, fall in love with growth. Games will also enhance Pro相关的主题文章: