Panasonic wants to increase its air conditioning business overseas sales to

Panasonic will enhance the air-conditioning business to overseas sales ratio to 70% in February 24, Kyodo News Agency [] Panasonic Corp recently said that the plan to 2018 year air-conditioning business overseas sales ratio of about 55% from the year 2015 to 70%. Panasonic wants to boost sales in markets with potential growth in Southeast Asia and make it the core of profitability. It puts forward the goal of, and strive to 2018 year sales of air-conditioning business from the year 2015 forecast of 483 billion yen (about 28 billion 200 million yuan) to 700 billion yen. Especially in the large commercial facilities and other aspects of the use of air conditioning, Matsushita will make full use of common indoor air conditioning by building a sales network, mainly in Indonesia, Vietnam and South America to increase sales. In addition, Panasonic also wants to increase orders for large domestic air conditioners in japan. Yoshida Mori, executive director of the air conditioning business, said: "looking at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, there are various development plans in the suburbs of Tokyo. We will increase market share." The market share of Panasonic indoor air conditioner is the first in China, and the commercial air conditioner is placed in Daikin industry. (end)

松下欲将空调业务海外销售额比例提升至70%   【共同社2月24日电】松下公司近日表示,计划到2018年度将空调业务海外销售额比例从2015年度的约55%提升至70%。松下欲在具增长潜力的东南亚等市场提升销量,并将其打造成赢利的核心。   松下提出目标称,力争到2018年度将空调业务销售额从2015年度预计的4830亿日元(约合人民币282亿元)提升至7000亿日元。尤其在商业设施等使用的大型空调方面,松下将充分利用通过普通室内空调构筑的销售网,主要在印尼、越南及中南美等地提升销售额。   此外,松下还想提升日本国内大型空调的订单量。负责空调业务的常务董事吉田守表示:“着眼于2020年东京奥运会,东京近郊等地有各种开发计划。我们将提升市场占有率。”   松下家用室内空调的市场占有率居国内同业首位,商用空调则排在大金工业之后。(完)相关的主题文章: