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Web-Design This is surely an interesting topic to discuss about. What should be the price of the freelance web developer? Or what is the amount freelance web developer should charge for their work? Firstly anyone who is aiming to be.e freelance web developer must have these minimum qualifications. They should be fully aware of software development languages like PHP, Microsoft technologies, Java. But only knowing these languages wont help they need to have real sound knowledge about these languages. Along with these languages you have to know about database. Database are mainly of three types, MySql , SqlServer and Oracle, you need to master at least any of these o\database. Even after knowing these languages you cannot be called an experienced web developer as you will not be able to handle .plex web developer. So the best thing is to start from basic knowledge. Accept you are fresher and start your career as fresher by developing very small easy web development projects. First start with projects which have login aspect and a small easy database. Learn the contact us page coding thoroughly. When you are starting your career as freelancer always try to gather more and more from viewing as much sites as possible. Always remember your knowledge is your experience and your experience is what you earn. Once you follow these steps repeatedly and believe in these steps you are ready for the professional world. Now the time has .e to focus on the smaller projects. Remember smaller projects have smaller price and as you are fresher so do not expect more money from small work. Rather this is the time when you should .plete focus on whatever work you are getting instead of looking for money. With each successful delivery you will gain experience and confidence, this confidence will make you better freelance web developer and one day your name will speak volume. As soon as you will start taking money for doing projects from the clients, never misuse their trust. Trust is the key word in any business, trust, .mitments and dedication makes a man successful in any business and as freelance web development is your business and as your individual entity as a person is your reputation, never play with us. Be very responsible, do not ask over price always deliver your work on time and then just see the magic. After certain period of delivery projects confidently and successfully you can slowly increase your price, because by that time you have earned a name for you and your clients can show their faith on you. So you can raise your price. But remember everything has its own time and you have to do it in well planned manner. Another more important thing, the first client who gave you the work should have a special place in your heart, always show respect to him and never charge him more because he was the first person who trusted you, gave you a break in the field of freelance web development so he should get some privileges from you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: