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London Still Tops List Of Uk Buy-to-let Hotspots Posted By: sinuse Landlords seeking the peace of mind that comes with a suitably detailed, impartial and professional Property Inventory In Central London may be further assured that they are in the right place by the latest list of buy-to-let hotspots issued by Barclays Mortgages. The company analysed over 500 of its customers who bought a buy-to-let property in 2014 or 2015, from which it compiled its data. 500 owners of buy-to-let property were also surveyed, with 75% of them stating that they owned more than one property. Multiple properties were especially common among Bradford and Glasgow landlords. Remaining in the same top spot that it occupied last year in Barclays Mortgages’ survey was London, with Birmingham in the runner-up position – up from seventh last year. Bristol was third – the same position that it held in 2014 – with Nottingham, Manchester, Reading, Leeds, Southampton, Peterborough and Slough rounding out the top 10. The presence elsewhere in the top 20 of London commuter towns like Luton and Milton Keynes indicates the willingness of many landlords to look outside the capital for value.

Professional Inventory Service Prime Central London Rents Experience Slow Annual Growth In June Posted By: sinuse Annual growth in rents in prime central London reached a relatively cautious 3.4% in June, according to a new report. The surprise general election result has left the lettings market in the popular area of the city optimistic but still to adjust, says the report, which will certainly make interesting reading for those contemplating a Professional Inventory Service in London or elsewhere. This June figure means that this vital part of the rental market has now recorded yearly growth for 12 consecutive months. This follows previous forecasts by many industry observers that the re-election of the Conservatives to power in May would help to ensure a lengthy period of stability in the market. However, while the prime central London rental market continues its wait for an expected significant summer rise in its rental values, demand has lacked consistency and rental companies are yet to fully come to terms with an election result that had been far from widely anticipated. The report also revealed that some areas are seeing higher stock levels, due to landlords having awaited clarity around the general election result prior to deciding whether to rent out their properties.

Professional Inventory Service Betterment Principle ‘confuses Many Uk Landlords’ Posted By: sinuse The findings of new research have indicated that 6 in 10 of the UK’s landlords do not understand the betterment principle, as well as that 90% lack a full understanding of what constitutes fair wear and tear. Over 80% of landlords also claimed that inventory evidence helped them to win a tenant deposit dispute, in a firm sign of the worth of a Property Inventory In Milton Keynes, London and all areas of the UK like that able to be conducted by Yellow Oak Inventories LTD. Meanwhile, 60% of landlords admitted that they never visited their property to check on its condition, a mere 6% making regular spot checks on their property. Mid-term reviews or inspections which Yellow Oak Inventories also carryout can often flag issues that can be dealt with at an early stage before further and more serious deterioration.

Property Inventory In Milton Keynes Unauthorised Pets And Redecoration Among Tenant Secrets Kept From Landlords Posted By: sinuse Anyone who takes advantage of a Property inventory in Milton Keynes, London and the Home Counties from a company like Yellow Oak Inventories LTD will appreciate the importance of a trusting relationship between the landlord and tenant if a tenancy is to be a success. However, that doesn’t stop many tenants keeping potentially damaging secrets from their landlords. Further light was recently shed on this by a survey of tenants by an online letting agent. Well over half of tenants polled – 59 per cent – admitted to keeping pets without authorisation, which could result in damage to the property that may not be detected in the absence of an inventory. Much the same could be said of redecorating without the landlord’s permission – 45 per cent of tenants confessing this. Other findings of the report that will interest many clients of a professional inventory service in Milton Keynes include the admission by one in three tenants that they had caused damage to walls by knocking in nails, as well as nearly a quarter of respondents saying that they had never or rarely cleaned their oven. Nor had 18 per cent even mowed the lawn regularly.

Professional inventory service in Milton Keynes Don’t Forget To Have An Inventory Carried Out For Your Milton Keynes Property Posted By: sinuse You will have much to think about as a landlord trying to let a Milton Keynes property. Not only is there the process of purchasing such a property to get right, but you are also likely to need to arrange the most suitable buy-to-let mortgage and get as many viewings as possible. Then will come the negotiations with tenants and the subsequent management of the letting. Where does a property inventory come into all of this? What even is an inventory? The answer is that an inventory constitutes a historic snapshot of your property’s condition that could be invaluable come the end of a tenancy, when the need may arise to establish responsibility for any damage to the property. The inventory report has both written and visual elements, comparisons between the original inventory with the final inspection helping you to identify any wall markings, carpet burns or similar damage can may have occurred on your previous tenant’s watch. As a true top-to-bottom description of your property’s present condition, you can expect an inventory to state all fittings, ranging from lights and radiators to furniture, decoration and flooring.

Property inventory in Milton Keynes A Good Inventory Service Provider Offers Seamless Work With Minimal Disruption Posted By: john A serious problem facing several companies is managing their inventory while being able to concentrate on their business. Poor inventory management can be disastrous for the business. You may even be stuck with a situation when stocks are not available. This can even affect loss of clients. Therefore, it is extremely important to hire a reputable company providing professional inventory service. Benefits of Outsourcing Your Inventory If your company does not have the resources to take periodic physical inventories, it is better to outsource the job to experts. Most inventory firms have trained staff to do the job effectively. Even if your business has the resources, outsourcing can benefit you as employees can focus on specific jobs. Companies specialized to do the job have all the latest technology, manpower and methodologies to carry out a seamless job. Providers will also offer advice on eliminating costly mistakes. There is minimal disruption to the daily conduct of your business. You can be on time and keep to your budget. When your inventory is accurate you can bring savings. Using bar codes, professionals work fast and are accurate too.

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