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"Qingdao’s" debut the world’s largest flying Festival – Shandong channel, people.com.cn "Qingdao night" debut the world’s largest festival of flight source: people.com.cn – Shandong channel         October 10, 2016 14:31 in Qingdao in October 10, people.com.cn (Liu Yingjie) in the end of the forty-third session of the just France flight carnival, from more than and 30 countries around the world, all kinds of pilot band, exhibitors, enthusiasts gathered full of passion and Fantasy Flight games. Among them, China micro power glider first, Qingdao Falcon navigation company Wang Yong rate team debut at the festival of flight, and plans to introduce China to the world’s largest festival of flight. From the beginning of 1973, the third weekend of September every year at the beginning of the October, in the beautiful town of Shengyilaierdou in southeastern France will be held a grand and childlike Carnival festival of flight, pilots and their families, children and lovers driving car or pet carrying tents come here to participate in this fantastic event, fly all kinds of festival programs over 200, especially the children love and dependence. Various types of aircraft and the stunt flying people loaded mesh tongue wringing, scream four cheers and cry, not far away across the Alps and mountain snow, standing on the lawn don’t worry about being trampled, and rolled on the ground of the adult children clear laughter issued from time to time here you can also see all kinds of makeup, flight, pilots will use their makeup into a fairy tale props TV or comic puppet strange body flight, fresh air and quiet environment can be heard without power while flying the polished sound, all kinds of faces in flight day passed around, almost to a the fairy tale world. There are three major categories of flight makeup, solo, double fly, fly group. In solo, with guitar fly, riding a bicycle to fly, to be Superman, as Hua Xianzi, a variety of small animal, as Newton, in SF, every kind of; there is a take-off with young children, with a wheelchair in the disabled fly, and friends together, feel deep love in the double fly, affection friendship and love are in a moment to jump off the cliff to become more powerful in the community; fly in a disguise Halloween theme, Sax music club. In the 43 day flight this year, the first time the people of Qingdao to participate in the flight, the first time the Chinese participate in the flight Festival jury, is also the Qingdao falcons carrying the seventh team to participate in the activities of the french. "Each flight festival will have new entertainment projects, in addition to traditional paragliding, hang gliding and Paragliding in dynamic column, dynamic gliding, fixed wing aircraft, gliders, hot air balloon, paper plane interaction, wing mounted flight, all kinds of special flight, flight, flight Red Bull legendary iron and makeup flight, street art, this year also increased the difficulty of high Swiss rocket flight performances, the audience occasionally bursts of wonder." Wang Yong said that after years of accumulation and in-depth study of the exchange of flight day, they have plans to introduce this flight festival to China, and has been recognized by the French flying Festival Organizing committee. )相关的主题文章: