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5 Steps For Hiring Better Salespeople Posted By: Tony Cole

hire better salespeople Recruiting Superior Sales Talent: Step 4 Interviewing Posted By: Ted Gulas To hire a superior sales talent, conduct short, intense interview sessions. First make sure the candidate has completed the formal sales screening process and is hirable. Next, get an experienced administrative staff employee to conduct a brief but structured phone screening. The philosophy of using senior administrative staff for this step in hiring a sales candidate is because they have the intuition to know if the person on the other end of the phone sounds professional enough to be allowed to talk with senior executives. The person conducting the phone interview is instructed to score specific characteristics from the call. The scoring is placed onto an electronic spreadsheet and filled in during and after each call. Some of the suggested characteristics the administrator is listening for are presence, rapport, ability to articulate ideas, warmth, experience, meets qualifications, meets the technical aspect of the job, has the it factor for accessing senior executives, and confidence, not arrogance. Each characteristic is then weighted, totaled, and used as part of the final scoring of the candidate, as well as who will be scheduled for the next phase of the interview process.

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