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Ren Jiantao: from agricultural civilization to industrial civilization, China faces two major challenges [Abstract] our market economy is indeed carrying too much anti market and non market factors, so many problems in the development of our economy. It is also a realistic problem in the economic development of Chinese civilization. Author: Ren Jiantao (Professor of Political Science Department of Tsinghua University) there is no reliable agricultural civilization to provide the material basis, the whole nation in the ancient society of vital importance to the test, may not have the glorious civilization record, also may not have the modern transformation of civilization. We must make it clear that a decadent civilization is impossible to transform. A civilization may also be transformed, because there is internal force of civilization. Transformation means to force led force on its transformation force, and echo, only a new form of Chinese civilization. Although under the control of industrial civilization, agricultural civilization shows its backwardness, but for the ancient civilization, Chinese civilization to the farming civilization to a solid foundation of their own, the invention, innovation, development, worthy of recognition. First, make sure it’s a great breakthrough. Chinese ancient agricultural civilization, with the world’s leading fine farming technology, developed a lot in favor of gathering economic wealth of farming technology and creative fusion came from the Middle East, South America planting technology to solve the large population of the Loess in social development of civilization of the economic needs and demand of wealth. In this sense, we can go to sum up the development of Chinese civilization, agricultural civilization on the development of world civilization and the important contribution made by the economic development. It is worth emphasizing that the Chinese civilization in the development of farming civilization on economic development, but also absorb the nomadic civilization farming farming wisdom, thus expanding the combined mode of production of farming civilization and nomadic civilization, ancient oriental civilization to a brilliant economic form. We can not because of the industrial civilization on the cheap, that he can not do anything. In the material civilization mentality, attitude must be upright, a recognition of farming civilization great. But we can’t just lie in the history of the book, because we are facing the new situation, the traditional Chinese civilization material development was interrupted, don’t interrupt too, because it faces a more effective form of material civilization. Therefore, on the other hand, Chinese civilization must be transformed from the traditional agricultural civilization to the modern industrial and commercial civilization. In the era of globalization, through the construction of industrial and commercial civilization, the form of access to economic development or the material means of civilization, material civilization and spiritual civilization or Goulian development structure, to achieve a major breakthrough. This is a fundamental challenge to the form of agricultural civilization in the development of Chinese civilization. Of the Chinese nation, only the contemporary market economy for forty years, GDP will return to the forefront of the world. On the one hand, the Chinese nation in the economic development of civilization has a very important and flexible ability to adapt to civilization. But on the other hand, it shows that the economic and cultural development of the West from the industrial development, for China is a new topic. Although we strive to enter the market economy, but until today, the European Union, the United States has not admitted that we are a market economy country. On the inside, our city.相关的主题文章: