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Ren Zhengbin fry spymaster superb acting new high – Sohu entertainment "double" Zheng Bin Ren Zhengbin "double deduction" stills offbeat spy spy Sohu entertainment legend "double" emotional drama is currently being hit, the play brings together Zu Feng, Wang Ziwen, Zheng Bin and many other performers. The old play bone as Zheng Bin in the role of the deputy chief of the Kuomintang baomiju Liu Fu, in order to expose the Communist Party undercover Peng Gang (Zu Feng ornaments) the true identity of the two sides launched numerous encounters. "Double" tells the story of the 1949 people’s Liberation Army marched into the southwest, the frontal battlefield smoke, hidden front serial murder, the frenzied counterattack, I underground organization with the enemy launched several bloody confrontation, they sounded the horn of the peaceful liberation of Chengdu. Ren Zhengbin, deputy director of the KMT’s Secret Bureau played in the beginning of the story, Liu Fu discovered the true identity of Peng gang. As a member of the Kuomintang to maintain absolute loyalty to the National Party, Liu Fu in order to their own beliefs, potential success through their own efforts to expose the identity of the Communist Party of Peng gang undercover. In order to safeguard the interests of the faith, Liu Fu used various means to create a number of crises. However, this series of actions are finally Peng Peng clever solution. As the story progresses, Ren Zhengbin plays Liu Fu also because of its superb acting won the audience’s approval. I was impressed by the acting teacher Ren Zhengbin. Ren Zhengbin also said: "we hate the role of Liu Fu, in my opinion, it is definitely my acting affirmation. Liu Fu as a member of the National Party, his actions are in full compliance with the KMT position. Although some of his methods may not be how glorious, but also fully demonstrates that Liu Fu is a sentient being, loyal to the faith of the soldiers." As a veteran of the old play bone, Ren Zhengbin is still modest efforts to learn a more diversified way of performance, hoping to create a better image of the screen to repay the audience.   相关的主题文章: