Ruthless Tianjin knife robbery did not expect a girl (Figure)-roxane hayward

Ruthless Tianjin knife robbery did not expect a girl (Figure) "come, look, look, fresh cabbage!" The greengrocer crying hard. Jizhou District Bangjun town bazaar, early in the morning, the sound of huge crowds of people, the sale of uproar. Pull round uncle Cao rental business is not very good, one morning a guest didn’t pull. At this time, a tall young man walked up and said to go to Yin Liu Zhen Village five. When the car driving to a remote trail near the village in five when the car man suddenly let Cao uncle stopped off easily. Just stop the car, the man jumped out of the car and pulled out a knife from the bag, let uncle Cao to surrender her all the cash and mobile phone will also be robbed. Nearly seventy year old uncle Cao, no resistance, can only look at the man left, returned home to the police. Jizhou police after receiving the alarm, immediately launched a patrol and visit at the periphery, according to the suspect human physical characteristics provided by Uncle Cao, a suspicious man one by one investigation surrounding the incident, but did not find valuable clues, the case detection has yet to progress. A few days later in the afternoon, uncle Cao went to the state of the market, suddenly found a few days before the robbery of his men, he hastened to greet passers-by to help the police to intercept and. The man along Bangjun market disarray — are in the direction of North State Street and disappeared in the crowd. The state police station received the alarm all the old Coke rushed to the scene, simple to understand the situation of Uncle Cao, according to the suspect’s last robbery route, and combined with the suspects the escape route, with many years of work experience and understanding of the local terrain, judge Bangjun old street in the shortest and most hidden escape route then with the other police two pronged, all the way along the street patrol Bangjun; another ambush in a warehouse near East Street – point Bangxi side of the road, to intercept the suspect. Sure enough, a few minutes later, a car pulled scrap tricycle attracted the attention of the police. The old Coke stepped forward to intercept, will be hiding in the car to escape the suspect man was arrested, and seized preparing again with a kitchen knife and a machete in the backpack. After the trial, the man confessed to the Yin Liu Zhen Kang, the confessed to the crime of robbery. However, the unexpected is, by the police to verify the identity of the "bandits", the eyes of the Kang turned out to be a woman, the body is thin, and keep the buzz, it is easy to think that the wrong man, because usually idle, living in poverty, so she chose the older man start committing the crime, it appeared in the earlier scene. At present, the suspect Kang has been police criminal detention according to law.

“悍匪”在津持刀抢劫 没想到是个姑娘(图)   “来来来,瞧一瞧,看一看,新鲜的大白菜呀!”菜贩卖力地吆喝着。蓟州区邦均镇的集市上,一大早就人山人海,买卖的声音一片喧嚣。   拉三轮出租的曹大爷生意不太好,一早上了一个客人都没拉。此时,一个个子不高的小伙子走上前,称要到溵溜镇五里庄村走一趟。当车行驶到五里庄附近的一个偏僻小道时,乘车男子突然让曹大爷停下车,说下车方便。车刚停稳,男子跳下车从包中掏出尖刀,让曹大爷交出身上所有的现金,并将手机也一并抢走。年近七十岁的曹大爷,毫无抵抗能力,只能看着男子扬长而去,回到家才报了警。   蓟州警方接到报警后,立即在案发周边展开巡逻和走访,根据曹大爷提供的嫌疑人体貌特征,逐一排查案发周边的可疑男子,但未发现有价值线索,案件侦破迟迟没有进展。   几天后的下午,曹大爷又来到邦均的市场,猛然间发现了几日前抢劫自己的男子,便赶紧招呼路人帮忙拦截并报了警。男子趁乱沿邦均大市场向北——邦均老街方向逃窜,消失在人群中。   接到报警的邦均派出所民警老焦赶到现场后,简单向曹大爷了解了情况,根据嫌疑人上次抢劫的路线,又结合嫌疑人此次的逃跑路线,凭借多年的工作经验及对当地地形的了解,判断出邦均老街里最短及最隐蔽的逃跑路线,随即与其他民警兵分两路,一路沿邦均老街展开巡逻;另一路在老街东——邦喜公路边的一仓库附近设点埋伏,拦截嫌疑人。   果然,几分钟后,一辆拉废品的三轮车引起了民警的注意。老焦上前拦截,将藏匿在车内逃跑的嫌疑男子当场抓获,并在其背包中查获准备再次作案用的菜刀和砍刀。经审,该男子交代了其为溵溜镇的康某,其对抢劫的犯罪事实供认不讳。然而,意想不到的是,民警通过身份核实,众人眼中的这个“悍匪”康某竟然是一名女子,其体态较瘦,又留着寸头,很容易让人错认为男子,因其平时游手好闲,生活拮据,于是她选择了年龄偏大的老人下手作案,这才出现了前文中的一幕。   目前,嫌疑人康某已被警方依法刑事拘留。相关的主题文章: