Sanya launched a comprehensive accurate exit mechanism of the whole village Luo pont picked poor cap

Sanya launched a comprehensive accurate exit mechanism of the whole village "poor Luo pont pick cap" government to take one to one, point to point, person to person "model of precise poverty Sanya Luo pont whole village to pick the" poor cap "in Sanya launched a comprehensive accurate exit mechanism of Hainan daily November 4 Sanya Xinhua (reporter Lin Shiting)" I finally got out of poverty!" On the morning of November 3rd, held in Sanya City Jiyang District Luo pont precision exit site meeting, Sanya City Jiyang District Luo pont villagers Lampard Chong said excitedly. On the day of the meeting site, Sanya City Jiyang district Party committee secretary Zhang Yulan officially announced: "Luo pont 21 poor households in a total of 71 people, per capita income of more than 2965 yuan of national poverty standard, the lowest per capita income reached 4000 yuan, basically do not worry about food, do not worry about clothes, compulsory education, basic health and safety housing security, meet the poverty standard, can start the precise exit." Luo pont no poor households, the whole village out of poverty. Blue red face joy and said: "the home of the goat gave birth to a lamb, chicken run in Montreal, photovoltaic power generation projects every month can have a stable income, now worries about food and clothing!" It is understood that the Luo pont under the jurisdiction of 13 villagers group, a total of 458 households, a total of 2374 people. This year, suffering from disease, lack of technology, no less labor, industry and other reasons, 71 people in the village become Luo pont focus on helping the group. "According to the different causes of poverty, combined with the actual situation, we take" one on one, point to point, to "precise poverty alleviation mode, in the Luo Peng village organization of aquaculture technical training, improve labor skills of poor households, poverty alleviation projects’ promotion of photovoltaic, development of courtyard economy, poverty alleviation, employment poverty alleviation through industry consolidation the effect of poverty alleviation." Xing Yacan, director of the Sanya Municipal Bureau of agriculture and forestry. This year, Sanya poverty alleviation work steadily, in 2016 out of poverty task for 1060 people, as of October 22nd, pre poverty out of 4455 people, pre poverty rate of up to 97.5%. According to the characteristics of different regions, the characteristics of poverty alleviation work in line with local conditions, precise development. As a distant area of innovation "grass-roots party organization + industry + cooperative + farmers +" poverty alleviation mode, in poor households get guaranteed dividends, production enthusiasm is greatly improved; in Jiyang area, relying on areca, planting understory pheasant, black goat and other local agricultural products "courtyard economy", live with the path out of poverty. "The precise exit mechanism has been in full swing, for all the work done out of poverty and poverty in the village before December 15th." Deputy director of the Sanya Municipal Bureau of agriculture Qu Qu said. In November 1st, Sanya launched a comprehensive and accurate exit mechanism, in promoting the characteristics of precise poverty alleviation work, whether 1060 poor households happiness index improved, poverty alleviation workers will hand over the transcripts in the year. It is reported that Sanya is actively promoting the participatory work, as of now, the city has completed the verification work home this year all 1060 households in the task of poverty alleviation.相关的主题文章: