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Save money for one year! The first car in life can be considered these – Sohu car moving bricks! This is a lot of friends in the comments area to give us a message, in fact, we still live with hope, longing for a car life. In particular, just come out to participate in the work of young people, can make their own money, no longer rely on the home, of course, also want to have their own cars. For the first car must require cheap exercise, if possible, it is best to open a few years is not bad. The following tomato brother to recommend a few cars, by the way a comparison! These three cars are the price of the domestic car, the price is very close. But in body size, several cars still have a lot of physical differences, BYD F3 than two opponents in a circle, can be said to be a cross level, so it’s the space inside the car is better. Power, the gap between the three cars is not so obvious, F3 from the engine technology point of view, the use of the older single overhead camshaft, technology has been relatively backward. The new King Kong has DVVT into the exhaust valve continuous variable timing technology, so the performance of fuel consumption is also as low as 1.4L Yue Xiang V3, a comprehensive look good performance of the new king kong. Yue Xiang V3 has a rare and independent front and rear suspension in the same class, the overall control experience and ride comfort in the same car has a more obvious advantage. The new diamond and F3 can say just about the same, but the overall sense of driving is amiable and easy of approach. 50 thousand of the price, there are thousands of yuan discount, the price for the high configuration is not realistic, relatively new diamond is the best performance, meet the basic use properly, and the control of a large screen can be optional, the remaining two cars have some bruising, F3 this comfortable type actually in front of double entry optional capsule, and Yue Xiang V3 comfortable basic configuration can say no, the steering wheel is not adjustable, no sun visor mirrors, front center armrest and so on, it is a bit too simple. The new Geely King Kong: three cars, the new king is the latest facelift, as a low-cost entry-level sedan, its overall performance is qualified, if it is the 50 thousand price to buy, it is. The BYD F3:F3 is also used to market is the dominant models, but over the years has been minor alterations in continue to sell, now car is very old. Space is relatively large it is the biggest advantage, while in other aspects of mediocre. Changan Yue Xiang V3: Yue Xiang V3 the only thing worth mentioning is that the chassis set, the control has a certain advantage, but other aspects of performance in general, the overall cost is not high.相关的主题文章: