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Screening of diseases of the elderly – memory decline in health Sohu Feng Ruijuan, Zhang Li, Ann Jingya, No.306 Hospital of Chinese PLA, cadre ward brand quality management office editor Chen aunt family was half a year ago found that memory was significantly decreased, just can’t remember burning water, until the water boiled pot was discovered by family wear. Go out to buy food or not afterwards. Aunt Chen actually how? Is the old confused? In fact, this old man forgetful, is usually just happened not to live, but also to remember a long time ago. This phenomenon of memory decline is a manifestation of cognitive impairment. Family led Aunt Chen saw the doctor that the elderly suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s disease is a common disease in the elderly. Some people go to a certain age, brain cells will rapidly degenerate, this is not a normal aging process. The gradual decline in brain function can lead to mental decline, emotional and personality changes, and ultimately seriously affect the ability of daily life. Alzheimer’s disease is not easy to detect, slow development, the earliest is often a gradual increase in the beginning of forgetfulness, some elderly people say: "hey! Old people, memory is getting worse!" This could be a sign of Alzheimer’s disease. How to distinguish between Alzheimer’s disease and forgetfulness? Patients with Alzheimer’s disease: can’t remember what happened, even after repeated reminders can not recall; lose the ability to recognize the surrounding environment, I do not know where you are; will gradually lose the ability of daily life; without trouble, thinking becomes more and more slow, the language is more and more poor, the lack of humor; with the emergence of a variety of the pathological symptoms, such as mental and behavioral symptoms of mania, agitation. General forgetter: just forget things a part through person will remember to remind; at the same time, the relationship between the characters and the surrounding environment of the cognitive ability no less; daily life can take care of themselves; very worried about the decline in memory, in order not to delay, often remember a memo. Alzheimer’s disease ten major danger signal: 1, memory decline, affecting daily activities. For example: put two salt after cooking cooking, forgot to turn off the gas. 2, deal with familiar things difficult, difficult to do the housework. For example: do not know the order of clothing, cooking steps. 3, language expression difficulties. Forget simple words, words, or sentences that people can’t understand. 4, the time, place and character increasingly confused. For example: do not remember today, a few days, a few days, in which province. 5, judgment is diminishing. For example: the sun was wearing cotton padded jacket, winter wear thin clothing. 6, the ability to understand or reasonable arrangements for the decline of things. For example, can not keep up with other people’s ideas, or can not pay the bills on time. 7, often put things anywhere in the wrong place. For example, put the iron into the washing machine. 8, emotional instability and behavior is abnormal before. For example, the rapid fluctuation of mood, be subject to changing moods. 9, personality changes, can become suspicious, apathy, anxiety or rough etc.. 10, lose the initiative to do things, spend all day long, before.相关的主题文章: