Serve the people, to the leakage public auditorium in the Mid Autumn Festival action winbook

"Serve the people, to the leakage of public auditorium in mid September 17th in Beijing city?? boiling, more than 30 thousand athletes from 33 countries and regions gathered in Beijing to participate in the Beijing marathon. At the same time, by the Beijing TV station life + column and Yuhong co hosted the "services to the people and to the leakage public auditorium, launch scheduled in decoration and gold film decoration company. ?? S event?? morning activity is jointly organized and Yuhong Waterproof decoration in Shuangyushu Park, from the Oriental Yuhong civil building materials limited liability company application department engineer Liu Chao, waterproof problems with the owners of the old real friends in the decoration. The scene is crowded, the atmosphere is warm. There is a householder in the year to buy second-hand housing, looking for a few workers in June to carry out a partial renovation. After the completion of the housing dry for two months, who had to stay with the bathroom adjacent living room wall appeared mildew. After the owners know, when the bathroom renovation waterproof only done the ground, did not do the wall. On-site consultation???? in addition to their home walls, mildew, toilet water also penetrated into the wall of the kitchen from the wall, the water from the kitchen leaking downstairs neighbors complain. After listening to explain Yuhong Liu engineer after the owners understand what is waterproof construction standard, old house renovation and decoration experts also provides a solution for him. The owners of friends very upset did not find formal Jiezhuang company construction, but this time to participate in the "service people, refused to leak public auditorium problem was solved. ?? Yuhong Waterproof Application Engineer Liu Chao?? afternoon teacher Liu Chao and immediately came to the gold film decoration, according to the problems caused by tiles off the bonding layer between the owners of the tile water absorption and waterproof layer, put forward solutions double waterproof system, for the owners of friends faq. The surface layer for kitchen tile decoration layer, the gap between the tiles and tiles with white cement or cement grout filling and sealing agent for construction, the traditional does not have the waterproof function, and white cement or cement grout in damp environment, can also cause aging of black mildew, resulting in a large number of mold, not only affects the kitchen decoration effect, the mold can also cause serious harm to human health. ?? Gold film event?? to seriously study the living water once through the gap between the tiles into mortar bonding layer, mortar bonding layer inside the store a lot of water, will lead to a large area of water waterproof layer. Waterproof layer of long-term water will accelerate the aging rate, seriously reduce the durability of the coating waterproof layer. Moreover, the water stored in the cement mortar layer of the dry cement mortar can not be discharged due to the accumulation of a long time. ?? Double seam agent L100 – Liang (Orange)?? in view of the above problems, combined with the kitchen building construction, only to ensure the integrity of the impervious wall ground surface, in order to solve the water problem of mortar layer. Liang Yuhong joint agents as tile gap beauty suture material, not only has a good decorative effect, but also has a good waterproof performance. According to the design and construction of the waterproof layer of the coating, the coating layer of the lower coating is not completed!相关的主题文章: