Shanghai to encourage the sharing of parking resources surrounding the road is expected to open the noiseware

Shanghai to encourage resource sharing parking area surrounding the road is expected to open the night to stop the newspaper news (reporter Li Lei) in the future, the surrounding area in accordance with the conditions of the road is expected to open in the night parking, office buildings, government agencies, state-owned enterprises will be wrong when sharing of idle parking resources. This is the day before the introduction of Shanghai "on promoting the sharing of resources in the city parking guidance" by the transmission of information. More and more car ownership in Shanghai, hospitals, schools, old residential parking contradiction prominent, the gap between supply and demand is growing. The introduction of the new "guidance" clearly stipulates that in residential areas, hospitals, schools and other areas surrounding parking contradiction, walk 300 meters to 500 meters within the scope of the operation of the public parking lot (Library) should in principle be open all day long. As for the residential parking contradiction, if the surrounding roads have night parking conditions, street town traffic, neighborhood committees, leadership and coordination of the owners committee and the property and other related aspects, the implementation of parking management system, the approval of the declaration in the audit procedures, can according to the relevant provisions of the road parking field monthly parking management implementation. Parking residents should consciously abide by the relevant provisions, if the time is not the car away, the traffic police department may impose penalties. Hot news: Shanghai new construction planning of 9 rail lines in Minhang by the end of the main line of G1501 relates to full width through the ramp before June next year, Wu Gencun repaired: thirty years Baked Scallion Pancake life taste of Shanghai Wang Sicong clubbing beauty cool and sexy sitting with luxurious fruit tree grows Shanghai white-collar meal allowance hundred times staggering gap the tongue zirendaomei rights difficult weather forecast: cloudy Sunday Shanghai today and tomorrow the temperature rose to 30 degrees of rain on Tuesday相关的主题文章: