Shaoguan cracked the case of serious drug trafficking drugs disguised as tea was paid 3 kg-jslottery

Shaoguan cracked the case of serious drug trafficking drugs disguised as 3 kg of tea was paid Nanfang Daily News (reporter Bi Shiming correspondent Wu Xiaofei Huang Zhengyuan) recently, the Shaoguan Municipal Public Security Bureau police station in Zhenjiang Nanshan Branch of the relevant departments to assist, successfully cracked a drug trafficking case, arrested 3 suspects and seized drugs more than 3000 grams of methamphetamine, a chain of success "cut a foreign drug traffickers into Shaoguan city crime. In May this year, Zhenjiang Nanshan Branch police station "hurricane 2016" special action crucial group in their daily work, get a clue: a suspect from Guangdong Jieyang to Shaoguan carrying drugs "delivery" (drug trade), a large number of. Learned information, crucial group of police in support of business department of superior public security organs, the suspect next whereabouts: the suspect (a woman) in May 22nd from Huilai to Shaoguan car "delivery", and a larger number of handover, and a man in the Wujiang District, a place. In order to ensure the success of the arrest, the Shaoguan Municipal Public Security Bureau narcotics detachment, Zhenjiang Bureau narcotics brigade, police brigade and other departments and Nanshan police station set up assault intercept arrest careful plan. In the afternoon of May 22nd, the police of the storming group were divided into three groups to arrest. Respectively in each stakeout dispatched the woman to Shaoguan after possible locations, and the drug trade places, Wujiang district a place to focus on surveillance. 5 pm the same day, a middle-aged woman carrying two bags in police surveillance, with information of its dress, physical characteristics and grasp the police, ambush in the surrounding plainclothes police quickly came to the woman, and the woman on the spot to carry on items for inspection, found three bags of tea. But it feels like tea, the police open and found three bags of about more than 3000 grams of ice". Police on "Li sister" on-site assault trial, learned that the joint man "rich brother" ready to drive over. The police arrested the original plan to continue to ambush at the preset point, waiting for the appearance of "rich brother". Not long after, "rich brother" appeared on schedule, waiting for a long time of the police will "rich brother" vehicle stop, caught on the spot. After interrogation, two suspects confessed to their drug trafficking and were detained in criminal law. Two suspects have been brought to justice, but the case has not yet ended, and its on-line remains to be further explored. Assault group police went to Guangdong, Jieyang, collected relevant criminal evidence, and through all the clues in-depth judgment, mastered the on-line "Amin" related situation. In the business department of the public security organs under the guidance of the Council, after nearly a month of Dundian ambush, with assistance from Guangdong Jieyang city public security organs, in the city of Jieyang will be the case in the line "Amin" successfully captured. At present, 3 suspects have been arrested, and the case is still under investigation (all the names are aliases). Editor in chief: GDN006

韶关侦破特大贩毒案毒品伪装成茶叶 3千克全被缴   南方日报讯 (记者 毕式明 通讯员 吴小飞 黄政源)近日,韶关市公安局浈江分局南山派出所在有关部门协助下,成功侦破一起特大贩毒案,抓获犯罪嫌疑人3名,缴获毒品“冰毒”3000多克,成功剪断一条外地毒贩流入韶关市进行犯罪活动的链条。   今年5月,浈江分局南山派出所“飓风2016”专项行动攻坚组在日常工作中获取一条线索:一嫌疑人将从广东揭阳携带毒品来韶关“送货”(毒品交易),数量较大。获悉情报信息后,攻坚组民警在上级公安机关业务部门的大力支持下,掌握了嫌疑人下一步的行踪:该嫌疑人(一女子)将于5月22日从惠来坐车到韶关“送货”, 且数量较大,与一男子在武江区某地点进行交接。为确保抓捕工作取得圆满成功,韶关市公安局禁毒支队、浈江分局禁毒大队、网警大队等部门与南山派出所攻坚组制定了周密的堵截抓捕方案。   5月22日下午,攻坚组民警分为三个小组着手进行抓捕。在该女子来韶后的每个可能的活动地点分别进行蹲点布控,并对毒贩交易地点——武江区某地点进行重点布控。当日下午5时许,一中年妇女手提两个袋子出现在民警布控的范围,其衣着打扮、体貌特征与民警掌握的信息吻合,埋伏在周边的便衣民警迅速上前将该女子控制,并当场对该女子的随身物品进行检查,发现有三袋茶叶,但摸上去不像茶叶,民警打开后发现是三大包共约3000多克“冰毒”。民警对“丽姐”进行现场突击审讯,得知其接头人“富哥”准备驾车过来。抓捕民警按原计划继续在预设点埋伏,等待“富哥”的出现。没过多久,“富哥”如期出现,守候多时的民警将“富哥”车辆截停,将其当场抓获。   经审讯,两名犯罪嫌疑人对其涉嫌贩毒事实供认不讳,被依法刑事拘留。两嫌疑人归案后,但该案还没有结束,其上线还待继续深挖。攻坚组民警多次远赴广东揭阳市,收集相关的犯罪证据,并通过对所有线索进行深度研判,掌握了上线“阿明”的相关情况。在市局公安机关业务部门的指导下,经过近一个月的蹲点伏击,在广东揭阳市公安机关的大力协助下,在揭阳市将该案中的上线“阿明”成功抓获。   目前,3名犯罪嫌疑人都被执行逮捕,案件还在进一步侦办当中(以上人名均为化名)。 责任编辑: GDN006相关的主题文章: