Shoes containing a head two big Fast forward to new get!

Shoes containing a head two big? Fast forward to new get! In fact, I personally feel that the shoes are much more cumbersome than clothes, because clothes can be folded after all. But the shape of the shoes can not be changed, it really takes up a lot of accumulation. With this puzzle and everyone else, collect some store shoes, small coup, the hope can help to you ~?? if your bed leave some space, then put the shoes into the bed is a very practical method. My present is such store shoes, do not wear shoes to temporarily put in a shoebox to hide under the bed, not a place in the outside. In fact, IKEA will have a special container under the bed, you can also pay attention to the oh ~?? the wire grid is really practical, buy one on the front of the ground, can be used to hang high heels (only heels oh). If you don’t want to use it to store shoes, also can put in storage somewhere some small jewelry what ~?? the door is often neglected place, if you really intend to dig the potential storage Home Furnishing upside down, do not ignore the door after receiving treasure. The hanging behind the door shoe rack, basically can solve the problem of collecting shoes you have? In addition, you can also install a door hanger, really convenient, pro test effective. ?? Now there are a lot of this shoe organizer in the closet with, is also very convenient, but the disadvantage is the only storage for flat shoes, high-heeled shoes and boots incapable of action. So how to boot?? housing? You can use the boots and trousers rack up collet hung in the closet, it will not bend like boots, the premise is your wardrobe capacity is large enough, and the clip boots you don’t love?? for the shoes, shoes and the number of lateral emissions is limited, and the vertical space tend to be wasted. This small plastic shoe will be able to solve this problem, you see, a pair of shoes can be placed above a pair of shoes, the shoe capacity doubled! There is this?? vertical small shoe rack, shoes to stand up to save a lot of space, but also to a number of shoe combination up, make full use of vertical space to accommodate. ?? In fact most simple way is to buy a large shoe, slippers, canvas shoes can plug several pairs of shoes with heels, as such, also have that kind of independent type shoe box for you to choose.相关的主题文章: