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Take the "Nanjing Massacre" T-shirt beauty of famous department stores angered Chinese original title: take the "Nanjing Massacre" do T-shirt, the United States well-known department store angered Chinese American press network reported on 11 November, the upscale department store chain Nodes Tron (Nordstrom) in the sale of a T-shirt photo day before being post to Chinese social in the software, the T-shirt back, with a sharp Nanjing massacre sparked intense controversy photos, Chinese, overnight, social media crazy shuabing. The T-shirt caused great dissatisfaction with the pattern of Chinese ethnic groups film Nanjing! Nanjing! "Still," why indifference (seen why indifferent) ", and with the figure sitting on the side of the western face of women. According to U.S. media "nextshark" website disclosure of 11 products in the Nodes Tron (Nordstrom) senior department store department store sales outlets Troon special, sparked controversy because the sale of printed with pictures of the Nanjing massacre and the ethnic groups especially hoodies, have condemned and called on people to go to the White House website called the White House in signature. At present, Nodes Tron (Nordstrom), the influence of company clothing brand owners and designers I have this incident caused by the apology, and related products off the shelf products, display address link has expired. Nodes Tron, the company’s official website, previously, the Hoodie has been sold out (sold out). Currently, the address link has expired. During the war of resistance against Japan, the Japanese capital of Nanjing, China’s capital in December 13, 1937, after the fall of Nanjing, the Japanese army in the vicinity of Nanjing and more than and 40 days of the massacre. One of the Japanese war crimes including looting, rape, murder and other large number of civilians and prisoners of war. More than 300 thousand people died in the Nanjing massacre. "Nextshark" reported that, for those who don’t know, the Nanjing massacre, also known as the "Nanjing catastrophe" is China history’s darkest moment, the Japanese invaders in Nanjing Chinese committed crimes of burning and looting. User George Li accused of this, when the goods hurt the feelings of the public when someone needs to apologize for this. Does anyone dare to print a picture of the slaughter of Jews on a T-shirt? Anyone dare to print a picture of enslaved Africans on a T-shirt?" Chinese Facebook user TianhengChen is posted to the company’s attention. Nodes Tron: a sincere apology has been under the frame of Nodes Tron clothing company responded by saying, "we sincerely apologize, and reply to users George Li said," George, thank you for pointing out the problem, I am very sorry you feel depressed in this problem. The supplier and our team have put the goods on the shelf, and will be deleted on the site." User Crystal Peng accused, do you know what happened in Nanjing in the history of it? This is "happiness"? Are you kidding me? Nodes Tron on it?相关的主题文章: