The 21 million winner of 3 million friends did not lend an IOU to rencailiangkong

The 21 million winner of 3 million friends did not lend an IOU to rencailiangkong Rosas award according to Canadian media reported, one in 649 Canadian lottery 4 million 160 thousand Canadian dollars (about 21 million yuan) lucky in the lottery after winning has encountered trouble. After winning the award, her friends to borrow her $600 thousand to buy a house. After buying a house, the friend has repeatedly delayed repayment, which dragged on for 5 years. Two people finally fell out, had to go to court. A lady of Rosas in British Columbia province of Canada (Roses) first prize in 2010 lucky won 649 lottery bonuses totaling $4 million 163 thousand. Before winning, rosses is a nurse, has been in the hospital for temporary workers. That after winning, Rosas was very happy, he quit his job at the local and bought their own house. Soon after, her friend: (Toca) asked her to borrow money to buy a house, just over 4 days, Rosas gave Toca a cheque for $630 thousand, of which 30 thousand yuan as their prize gift:, the remaining 600 thousand are interest free loans lent its purchases, when both sides agreed to: after a year to pay back the money. The "friends" to buy a house with a value of $700 thousand of borrowed money, but when to return the money, she will say next year again. Rosas considering friends did not say what, but it dragged on for 5 years. This 5 years, also: become a millionaire, because she and her husband bought the house in the Eastern District of Vancouver has now risen to $about 1300000. No fruit in the case again and again urged to pay back the money, Rosas filed a lawsuit to the court in 2015, asked: money. But "friends" Toca has said in court, the money is all Rosas gift of her gift, then we have not made any agreement. Hear such statements: Rosas is heartbroken. In September this year, after the trial of British Columbia province high court finally ruled that, to borrow 600 thousand Rosas: facts, but because the two sides have not signed the agreement, and more than 5 years has been the case, did not recover within the validity period, the money can not be forced to recover. In the trial, the judge asked why Rosas was so late to court proceedings, and the answer is: "I believe my friend!" Unfortunately, her "friend" Toca betrayed her trust. After the trial, the agent of the Republic of Texas, an interview with reporters, he said!" (Xiao Tong)相关的主题文章: