The 3 quarter of Shanghai commercial real estate transactions amounted to 24 billion 200 million yua

The 3 quarter of Shanghai commercial real estate transactions amounted to 24 billion 200 million yuan, real estate — original title: the 3 quarter of Shanghai commercial real estate transactions amounted to 24 billion 200 million yuan in Shanghai on 13 October, (reporter Yu Jun) in the currency of ample liquidity in the market environment, the purchase of residential, office buildings, shops, warehouses, hotels and other real estate become investors value weapon. Shanghai is still China’s most active real estate investment market, commercial real estate transactions in the third quarter of this year amounted to $24 billion 200 million (the same below), up 146%, up by 75%. The internationally renowned real estate investment management services agency issued 13 "Trong volume of the third quarter of Shanghai real estate market review report" the disclosure of the relevant information, and said Shanghai real estate investment market, a record in 2015 (a total turnover of 65 billion 400 million yuan) after the 2016 performance is still strong. The report notes that in the third quarter of 2016, investors have strong willingness to invest in high quality assets, resulting in a rebound in the overall volume of Shanghai. Although due to the ample market liquidity and low interest rates lead to price is still strong, extend the decision-making process of several potential transactions, but strong demand is still the overall growth in trading volume, making the quarter of the total transaction volume reached 24 billion 200 million yuan. Acquisition of retail properties eye-catching performance. Investors seek retail assets in good locations with a good tenant mix. The bulk of transactions are: Singapore sovereign fund Government Investment Company of Singapore and Chinese insurance price of 9 billion 290 million yuan to buy equity asset package 49% COFCO group, including Shanghai City Shopping Center; chongbang development company limited to 5 billion 500 million yuan from Keppel land and the first peak of Fund Management Co., Shanghai Golden Bridge International repo 80% of the shares and other commercial plaza. Office volume slowdown. This is partly due to the limited number of available quality assets available for sale, and the decision making process required by the exchange. 3 quarter Shanghai office transactions amounted to $9 billion 700 million, a decline of 26%, down by 34%. The entire office building transaction is SOHO China to Guohua life value of 3 billion 200 million SOHO century avenue. Domestic buyers are the main source of investment capital. The first 3 quarters of this year, buyers of funds from mainland China 89%. Trong volume of the report pointed out that although the capital controls and the future trend of the devaluation of the renminbi is still uncertain, but institutional investors will continue to be the most investment value of China in the Shanghai real estate market looking for good investment opportunities; seek diversified investment Chinese mainland insurance companies are looking for more revenue of real estate assets, such as the development of office building, hotels, shopping malls, warehouse and pension real estate. (end) (commissioning editor Sun Hongli and Wu Zhenguo)相关的主题文章: