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Business Ability to monitor the flow of gas is essential for preventing any type of mishap in an industry using .pressed gas or any other fluid. However, it is not always possible to install a proper meter for measuring the flow of fluids, which is why the demand for portable gas flow meters is rapidly growing in the market. In fact, since a portable meter measures the flow of gas with the same accuracy as a fixed meter besides providing the advantage of being easily used at several locations, it is increasingly preferred by entrepreneurs today. Most portable gas flow meters are lightweight making it quite easy for the users to carry them from one location to another. This is primarily due to the fact that the transducers used in these meters are designed to be not only extremely light in weight but also quite small in size. However, this innovative design does not make them inefficient or inaccurate than any fixed meter. Moreover, as they can be easily held in the hand, operators find them extremely easy to use and just right for making precise measurements. These devices only require the substance to be measured should be of proper technical specification for providing the correct readings. Another great advantage offered by portable gas flow meters is that they are designed to be non-invasive, which means that they measure the flow of the gas without actually interfering with the connection. All these meters use ultrasonic signals that work on simple echolocation or Doppler principles. In addition, ultrasonic signals are not only quite easy to produce but also extremely effective as a measuring tool. They can be used with equal efficiency to measure a wide range of gases primary due to their property of the ultrasonic signals of non-interference with the fluids. Although a majority of portable meters use ultrasonic signals for operating, other meters which use electromagnetic signals are also available in the market. The highlighted chapter above contains flow meters, which we are not having. Ultrasound and electromagnetic flow meters only work on liquids, not on gas. We are at the moment only in the gas field. Some ultrasound meters claim also to be used in gas, but the accuracy is not good. We rae promoting thermal mass flow meters as the best choice for accurate flow measurement of gases. I would point out our easy installation through ball valves makes our flow meters ideal for portable applications. The installation/de-installation can be done under pressure without shutting down the system. If there is no ball valve existing at the desired spot of measurement, we offer drilling tools to set a so called hot tapping. Thus also is done under full operation of the .pressed air system. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: