The bronze tiger takes the shape of the knife

The other is bronze tiger knife of Mr. Erdos dyadin bronze tiger knife – the other the Hohhot evening news reporter Li Juan Kim: This is a tiger knife. The bronze ware of Erdos is one of the representative objects in the northern grassland of China from the spring and Autumn period to the Western Han Dynasty (about 8~2 BC). I have brought this collection, please be tasting experts. Wang Qinglian (consultant of Hohhot Collectors Association): from the beginning of the end of the nineteenth Century, in the north of China in the zone along the Great Wall have unearthed a large number of rich nomadic culture characteristics of bronze and gold and silver products, attracted the world’s attention, due to the Ordos area found the largest number, the most concentrated distribution, the most characteristic is called "Erdos bronze". Many of these are Erdos bronze utensils, use can be divided into weapons and tools, utensils and decorations, and four categories. The bronzes with carvings, reliefs, Toudiao processes and techniques, a lot of decoration of various animal pattern the most characteristic, content rich, vivid. Bronze dagger and bronze knife, the other is one of the most common and most unique bronze artifacts in Ordos. Mr. Kim, this type of tiger shape of the handle knife, fine shape, intact, good appearance, high collection value. Source: Hohhot Evening News相关的主题文章: