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Small data suggest that if the city to enhance the efficiency of the attack battle Barcelona unbeaten Manchester City in revenge: home court Beijing time at 3:45 on November 2, 2016, the fourth round of the Champions League group phase of all-out war, Barcelona will back against Manchester city. In the first round by Barcelona 4-0 bloodbath, Guardiola Manchester City will make in response to the home court? Aguero return to the starting point with the duel with Messi, will also become a major attraction. The game, from the Sina lottery small intelligent data, Manchester City to raise the efficiency of the attack, Barcelona unbeaten home court! [see the Champions League Round small prediction! The whole package is more favorable, grab the wheel! From the analysis of the small force] than Barcelona and Manchester City (see below), we find that the Barcelona attack efficiency is much stronger than the city, and the team state Barcelona really occupy absolute advantage; but from the attack and defense ability and foul frequency, two counterparts. In other words, if the city of Lincheng tomorrow can be targeted against Messi, while improving the efficiency of the offensive side, I am afraid not even win is not difficult. Small power first round Barcelona Barcelona of Manchester 4-0 victory over Manchester City home court, in fact, if Bravo does not so poor I’m afraid the last mistake. The game from the gun statistics, Manchester City is not as 0-4 score were so passive, the shot 8 in 4, 374 passes, 12 pass, can still play the technical and tactical aspects. But Barcelona’s offensive efficiency is higher, the pressure in the attack stronger, more determined, not to mention the state of Messi was excellent. The game from the latest news, Barcelona, Peake, Iniesta Mathieu, Alba also sidelined for Barcelona, the impact is not small; but Guardiola said: "the team is confident, will open the occasion" at this time, Aguero will start at the same time, the team also appear to be resorted to tricks. This game is very small, the prediction of the occasion, perhaps the result after the play is not surprising! A peak showdown, a small wisdom, there is suspense? (mouth day)相关的主题文章: