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At the Eighth International Film Festival in November by Australian Sohu Entertainment International Chinese Film Festival organized by the organizing committee, the Australian government in support of the activities of transnational cultural exchange — the Eighth International Chinese Film Festival will be held in Sydney, Australia Melbourne, Gold Coast in November 2016 three. "Old gun", "bainiaozhaofeng", "Tang Xuanzang", "hero" Hot pot of more than 20 Chinese language films will compete for the "Golden Dragon award". "Old gun", "bainiaozhaofeng", "hero" and other Hot pot annual Juxian Chinese Film Festival exhibition. International Chinese Film Festival since its inception in 2009, has been successfully held seven sessions, has hundreds of outstanding works China film in Australia and the global Chinese audience, hundreds of thousands of people directly involved in an annual film festival. The festival aims to promote Chinese film going out and internationalization, and create a close cooperation with Australia China and the global film industry platform, enhance exchanges and cooperation with the international Chinese film industry professionals, to promote the prosperity and development of the film industry in australia. The festival will feature a series of exciting activities, cross-border Chinese concerts, charity golf and fashion night. International Chinese Film Festival Organizing Committee of the relevant person in charge, the festival will be "Australia in the forum and project promotion", "Golden Dragon Award", "Australia Star Fashion Night", "the movie tour mapping unit. As an important force to promote the development of Chinese film world, the international Chinese Film Festival will be added to the official series of activities, held a Chinese concert, invited Sun Nan, Banny Chen, Rubynn& Kendy and other Chinese singers to sing; Sydney, Australia will also be co star in the film festival held during the "Mai kindat Cup – Australian charity golf tournament". For women and children’s health fund, Australia film public service development to raise money. It is reported that the film festival jury members from the Australian film industry professional authority, including Australia Fox Studios President Wayne Borg, Vitoria film and Television Bureau President Jeni Tosi, who served as "the Great Gatsby", "the Hobbit Trilogy" and "the Hunger Games" series producer and producer of the well-known Hollywood producer Jon Kuyper. Australian actress Marta Dusseldorp, renowned director JohnDuigon, will uphold justice, fair and open principles, with the international standard to judge films. The festival will be the first in the area of open investment and cooperation, the organizing committee specially appointed as chief consultant agency PR Cade Eighth International Chinese Film Festival in the Greater China region, and the comprehensive agent film festival as well as supporting a series of activities in the Greater China region investment promotion work. The relevant agencies managing partner Kris TSUI said that the Chinese film is becoming more and more significant in the global influence, with the help of the festival of tens of millions of fans attention and cultural and artistic exchanges and cooperation opportunities, Chinese enterprises and brands will have the opportunity to quickly enter the market and development of australia. For the Chinese market, the group.相关的主题文章: