The fifth annual meeting of Chinese film history was held in Shanghai

The fifth year history of Chinese film will be held in Shanghai and Beijing Chinese news network November 14th by the China Film Art Research Centre (China Film Archive) Co sponsored by the Shanghai Univer and the Shanghai Film Academy fifth Chinese movie history November 2016 annual meeting held in Shanghai on 11 – 13. The theme of this year’s annual meeting is "the Chinese films of the 192": cultural practice, humanistic pursuit and commercial exploration." 192? Years is a period of rapid development for the China film, national film began to get rid of the toddler immature, self-sufficient to industrial development. In view of the long history, the preservation of the image heritage and historical data is limited, the academic circles have not studied the scale, neglected and found little, and there is still a blank in many aspects. This year will be a positive response to dozens of universities, the national research institutions at home and abroad and hundreds of experts and scholars, nearly 70 academic papers of academic view of the fierce collision and interaction, not only demonstrates the academic strength, but also made substantial progress on rewriting the history of early cinema. It is worth mentioning that, nearly half of the research results from the academic circles, the new and old strength of the relay and from a more novel perspective to observe and discuss this history. Director of China Film Art Research Centre, Sun Xianghui, director of the China Film Archive, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. A two day forum including the main forum, forum, academic show etc, respectively in 192? Chinese film theory research, history analysis, character studies, text case, cultural communication, expression of female film, local history, industry and company research and more perspective aspects to discuss the whole are comments and interactive links. At the annual meeting, some experts pointed out: "now some of the problems of Chinese film, and not to learn about the history of film." Delegates reached a consensus: historical and realistic significance to research on 1920s China film history has extraordinary. On the one hand, it is helpful for us to further clarify the development of Chinese film 100 years, more detailed historical records for future generations; on the other hand, drawing lessons from history, one can know. In the near future, we will usher in the new century in 20s, is also a new media intervention, facing the strong influx of foreign films, is also facing the capital market test, the first generation and the second generation directors Chinese unwilling to foreign films with China cultural market, they try to use China type aesthetic concept and camera language creation, a lot of works the audience was amazing, a lot of experience is worth us to summarize and reference. He Xiaoqing, executive director of the Shanghai Film Institute, Shanghai Univer, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony of the morning of November 12th and the main forum unit, guests multi angle discusses 192? In the Chinese movie, certainly two? In Chinese movie activity and its rich historical value, also called for more young people to join the film scholars, expand film history research. Speaking on behalf of the main forum: Chen Xihe, Lu Xiaopeng, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on,相关的主题文章: