The final Wang Chenxing soldiers lost a good board Wu Youzhen winning

The soldiers lost a good board final Wang Chenxing Wu Youzhen reversed Wang Chenxing won the negative Wu Youzhen sina sports watch action figure chess November 16th, the seventh session of the Suzhou dome mountain soldiers the Holy Grail of world women’s championship finals in the Sun Wu College of Harding Park, Wang Chenxing lost a good board champion, Wu Youzhen miraculously reversed won the championship. Nie Weiping said I was mad, Wang Morningstar is not clear to make judgment on the situation of basic skills, Wang Runan laughed and said the good luck has run out. The first round of the tournament for the first time Chinese will gain a complete victory the final 3 round of 4. South Korea Wu Youzhen Rongzi, winning a single pass, Rui Naiwei, Li He cattle, and is the three consecutive wins and a half disc, lucky finals against teammate Wang Chenxing out at the ying. Which is often the opponent will go wrong or bad results, a robbery, Wu Youzhen is bursting with good luck. Last year, dome mountain soldiers grail king just beat Wu Youzhen Morningstar, but lost to rivals three times this year. Liu Xing and the recently married Wang Chenxing Fujisawa Rina in a row, Wang Xiangyun, at the ying. Wang Runan announced the start of 91 years, Wang Chenxing held for 98 years, Wu Youzhen guessed the single and double, Wang Chenxing zhihei first, Wu Yoo Jin 4 first choice after the white kakari, flying into the corner was from left, watching Nie Weiping that white should of course direct point angle. Then the two sides in the upper right corner of the outbreak of fighting, Wang Morningstar abandoned calm angle built wall, and then force the lower right. Wu Youzhen tried to turn around, but Wang Chenxing is very calm and continue to force, and tip off center, will swallow up all right, established an early advantage. Watching Wang Runan Wang Chenxing laughed too fast, even on the right road two are never to yield an inch of ground clip. Nie Lao had not started at the chess king, auspicious clouds fupan. The top two black climbed up, white flowers pulled accidentally, Wang Lei said with a smile that it looks like white miscalculation, the results have no choice simply discard 3, so a lot of damage. In the study room all right on the white work means, Wu Youzhen out of the white 136 by aethersprite, Wang Chenxing jumped up after the calm, the white chess order has been questioned, peripheral heavy losses. The old want to leave, see Fujisawa Rina in the match, this is not to ask the restaurant? Li also said "hello" in chinese". Nie old even laughed and said "hello" will ah, together at the chess. There is a mysterious chess specially for longevity, Shea sent a birthday cake, and Shea Jiajia black chopped first gift to Nie Weiping, Wang Runan, and the study room all share the cake. Cried Nie Weiping Xie Happy birthday! Wang Runan says with a laugh or female players, no one gave me the old man’s birthday cake. Hua Xueming Shea, patting the shoulder, smiled and said that my two birthday just a day, why don’t you give me for my birthday. Bai Dalong way was broken, forced to live in the black space. Wang Runan then said that the general black two points to kill, I do not know whether to set up. Zhang, Rui Naiwei and so on after you do not think that the old, Nie said that as long as the empty white stones can be forced simple. But the voice did not fall, Wang Morningstar move to kill, 153 points to two. Nie Weiping said: Wang Chenxing pisses me off! It is necessary to go back to the basic skills, the situation is not clear judgment. After Wu Youzhen deal with the leak, the original black air sea change, the body shaking a)相关的主题文章: