The five km rail station entrances into parking lot blocked road pavement damage synnex

The five km rail station entrances into parking lot blocked road pavement pavement crushed out of the vehicle to crush the reporter Han Zheng photo Nan’an District five km rail station, many passengers in and out every day. Recently, some people found that one of the entrance, was turned into a parking lot is not spacious sidewalks, not only blocked the import channel light rail station, parked vehicles also crushed the road. People living in the vicinity of the Industrial and Commercial University Of Chongqing,, Jiangbei District to work every day to take rail transit line 3. From the beginning of the end of September, Mr. Chen found in the five km rail station near the entrance to the sidewalk, parked a lot of cars, seems to have become a parking lot. It was not wide, both sides are full of cars, whenever there are other vehicles in and out, people can not go." Mr. Chen complained. Yesterday, the reporter came to the scene and found that the entrance of the light rail station is located next to the hotel, with an escalator and a ladder. On the sidewalk below the entrance, more than and 10 cars parked on both sides, leaving only the width of a car for pedestrians to pass. At that time, a car from the road into the sidewalk, the only channel completely blocked, few are ready to enter the light rail station, the passengers rushed to wait. I did not expect the car to stop, there is a parked on the sidewalk off-road vehicles ready to leave, we had to wait until the off-road vehicle left, we entered the light rail station. Reporters found that here is not a regular parking lot, the ground did not draw the parking line, and not far away there is an underground garage. Nearby residents said on the sidewalk Luantingluanfang private cars are the tenants or tenants nearby, because there is no charge, so very popular, if late also stopped the car. The reporter saw, due to frequent vehicle into the sidewalk, along the road and the road has a large area of damage, the road is bumpy, littered with broken tile and cement blocks. A passer-by angrily said, there is a great danger of damage to the road surface, the night can not see clearly easy to slide down, I hope the relevant departments to rectify as soon as possible". Should return to law enforcement officers will arrange to handle yesterday afternoon, this reporter will be reflected to the municipal landscape management bureau of Nan’an District, the staff said that if the parking line did not draw on the sidewalk, parking is not allowed without permission. We will arrange as soon as possible to investigate the law enforcement officers to investigate the behavior of sidewalk parking chaos, and repair the damaged sidewalk ground."相关的主题文章: